Smithfield, North Carolina

So the pharmacy clerk was rude. I had to ask her to check fax, vm and whatever else she had to see if my prescription was indeed sent in by my dr.

ONCE she found it after huffily looking, she says, yeah we got that but we had to order it, be here tomorrow. Well that DOES not help me. This is the second and final time this will happen to me.

Other pharmacies send out text messages or even call you to let you know what is going on with your meds, I will use Target or CVS or even Rite Aid in the future. I am so done with Walgreens.

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Danbury, Wisconsin, United States #792036

If it is flu season sometimes it is hard to keep those antibiotics in stock. Sometimes even when you try to bulk up it's not enough.

There is no way to know how much you will need.

Pharmacies cannot keep several thousand counts of EVERY MED known to man. Pharmacies are not cannot see into the future

Brooklyn, New York, United States #761643

Yeah, use Target whose database was just hacked :grin :grin :grin


It is your job to have the MEDS the patients needs don't even say all pharmacies run out of stuff of course they can but BASIC antiobiotics REALLY fired the purchasing AGENT IF YOU are running out of basic things you should always have. You know who comes in to the store!! BS LadyScot HOPE THEY cut your salary like all the others!!

Naples, Florida, United States #734908

Every single pharmacy in existence runs out of medications. Deal with it.

You do not have to tell us to check the voice mail or the fax. We know when a fax comes because we can hear the machine. We know when a voice mail is left because we hear the phone.

YOU are NOT the only patient who needs their meds. You have to wait like everyone else.

to LadyScot Brooklyn, New York, United States #761644

:) Amen!


Pay is being cut for employees RUN The latest date was September 1st. My pay was to be reduced from 17.50 per hour to 14.00 per hour - once again, the date has come to pass with no pay reduction. As you can imagine, this is very stressful to all current MGT's and they're families.

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #761646

Oh just shut up! You do this on every complaint that's posted.

It's getting really old! :cry :cry :cry

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