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Rude manager at Walgreens in Bannockburn chalenged me regarding writing to complain about what I perceive as his abuse of store policy.

I am writing a formal letter but do yourself a favor and stay out of this store - no one needs this snotty attitude and I certainly do not take being challenged and told "go ahead and call" lightly.

The issue was about purchasing cigarettes at the store, and I went back alone to buy only for myself and was still refused service.

Then I asked for the manager's name and he treated me as though he were bullet-proof on this. Perhaps by store policy, but do not treat customers this way - I can and will go elsewhere from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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im a former walgreens employee. i can tell you that you're with a minor and the cashier has any reason to believe you are buying the cigarettes for the minor, it is against company policy, and the law, to sell them to you.

if you come back in again, the cashier is STILL not allowed to sell them to you. i do agree that the manager could have handled it better, but come on, you could have been a little more understanding, and then just bought your cigarettes elsewhere.


Reading between the lines, clearly you were with a minor that concerned a cashier enough to use their common sense to not sell to you.

Once that judgement has been made you can't go back in alone and try to purchase them again because its already too late for that. Policy in most retail establishments won't let you buy alone afterwards.

Trying to make them change their minds and threatening a manager will not get you your cigarettes, I hope you did call corporate so they'll have you on record for the police if you do try to do this again in the future.


Were you asking him to break store policy? If it's something about cigarettes, you may have been asking him to break a law. I'd suggest putting DETAILS in your "formal complaint" because the random rant doesn't help anyone.

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