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I am a regular customer@ Walgreen's in Swainsboro, GA. I have two prescriptions that I take on a regular basis for several years.

They were prescribed first by a reputable physician@ Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Ga. Last evening (03-22-14), I used the auto refill line to call in my info for refills, to be picked up on 03-23-14. They were last filled on 02-24-14. When picked up, one refill was missing, I called to inquire about the missing med., I was told that it was too early- 1 day?!

To make a long story short, Jami, in an extremely rude manner, proceeded to insinuate that I was asking her to commit a criminal act by refilling my med. one day early. She proceeded to tell me that she was just here for one day and she ended the call without warning, just a "click". I do want to comment positively on the store manager, who was off duty, for calling me re: the situation.

I explained to her the rudeness with which I was treated, she was very cordial and professional.

She related to me that she would call me tomorrow when it was ready for pick-up. The rude pharmacist could have called me to inform me of the delay, therefore, saving me an extra trip to Walgreen's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Two questions in regard to the "rude floater"

1.Was the medication a controlled such as a narcotic pain reliever?

2. have you made a "habit' of attempting to obtain early refills on medication?


February has 28 days.

You are dispensed a 30 day supply and can pick it up 3 days early on the 28th day. day30, day29, day28 = 3 days.

2-24-14 to 3-23-14 is 27 days. So YES, 1 day too early.



I am assuming that the drug is a controlled substance. If it's a 30 day supply the general rule is to allow the next refill 3 days early (some pharmacist are even more strict).

If you were taking the drug as prescribed then you should still have some, if you're completely out then you need to have your doctor change the directions on your prescription. If you have some sort of special circumstance (going out of town) then an exception can be made. The pharmacist's behavior is unacceptable and the only valid point to your argument. In a perfect world you would have received a phone call notifying you of the delay, however pharmacy staff are already so busy and short-staffed it is impossible to do.

If you had called the pharmacy for the refill rather than done the automated system you would have known this. The automated system just processes your request and makes no other judgement.


they suck and the sooner you get it the better. this iw what they hire and this is what they want at the store.

count all your pills to make sure this fly by night (every changing pharmist) isn;t stealing your pills for herself. they carry around bags full of prescriptions for themselves


Why would a "pharmist" steal your pills?

1) they make 6 figures

2) it's illegal

3) they can lose their job

4) they have more morals than you


It is up to you to know when your prescriptions can be refilled. When you picked up your prescriptions, why didn't you check them before going home?