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While out of town on business I Went to the Care Clinic at Walgreen on Meridan St. in Indianapolis yesterday.

The practitioner in the Care Clinic was wonderful. The pharmacy staff on the other hand were the rudest people I've ever encountered. To make matters worse, my doctor called in another prescription to them at 9:30 this morning. When I called to inquire about it I was told it would be a 2 hour wait regardless of the pain I was suffering and my high fever.

I called 2 hours later and spoke to an extremely rude woman who said they never received the call about my prescription. I explained my doctor left a message with the necessary information and the Walgreens employee said the pharmacy hadn't checked their voice mail since yesterday afternoon! I waited another hour and a half and finally went to the store. They tried telling me the prescription still hadn't been called in, but they hadn't checked the voice mail yet either!

I asked to speak to a manager which of course was no help at all. He was obviously annoyed he hAd to deal with a customer and his response to me was "I don't know what to tell you. The weather sucks and we are busy because of it". How busy can they be if I'm the only customer in the store???

Nothing but a group of egotistical, unprofessional, ignorant employees. I ended up going across the street to CVS and my prescription was filled within 10 minutes. I will NEVER step foot in Walgreens again.

I live 2 blocks from one and would rather drive a mile to CVS or 5 miles to Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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every wonder why a CVS pops up right next to a walgreens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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