Stevensville, Maryland

Janet Tucker who has been in kent island, Maryland (Stevensville) a purple months or so needs to go! If looks could kill we would all be dead when she looks at you.

I have never felt like I was bothering a person so bad until I asked her a question about children's cough meds. I guess I was a huge bother interrupting her while on her cell phone. I was not shocked to see I was her only complaint. Personality is not a strong point of her.

I have never met a more miserable person813-498-0465 who talked so bad about how she likes her new store. Ship her out!

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My wife who just spent all day in hospital with my ill son has just been treated equally badly...06 08 2015. I can only assume this is the same person who served you....we went to riteaid across the street and have been treated courteously and efficiently.


They will not ship her out THEY DO NOT WANT TO PAY UNEMPLOYMENT FOR HER. They may cut her pay but they also do that FOR THE GREAT employees** She probably can't get a job any place else that is why YOU ARE STUCK WITH HER!

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