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Update by user Sep 10, 2011

Hey everyone, don’t waste your time posting on this website. If you post something negative about Walgreens, you’ll find hateful and bizarre posts written by a mean, twisted person with various usernames, including “Tasha.”

As you read the posts below, you’ll see that the tone of my posts are extremely different than the mean spirited, hateful tone of the bizarre post attributed to me. Also, my original username was changed (from w to W) and the “moderator” says that the comments came from the same IP address, which isn’t true. As you read, you’ll see that the moderator is a toned down version of “Tasha.”

Do yourself a favor and look at other posts about Walgreens. When I did, unfortunately not until after I made my original post, I saw only negative, inflammatory, hateful comments toward the original poster. And in some of them, the original poster had the same experience as me…their username was changed and someone else posted bizarre things under their name.

I’m done responding to the bizarre posts on this deceptive website. The weather’s too beautiful! I hope you see this before you decide to post anything here, because it’s frustrating to see someone trying to discredit you. If you already posted, I suggest doing what others, including myself, have done…stop posting and close your account here.

Update by user Sep 10, 2011

When looking at comments, please note that my username is walgreenssucks with a lower case w. Someone has posted a comment with the same user name, except that it\'s a capital W.

I did not post the 2nd comment, which is bizarre and unreasonable. I\'m going to ask Pissed Consumer to remove it, but until they can, I want to point out the difference in username.

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2011

Tonight I went to the drive up lane at Walgreens on Maple Grove Road in Madison WI, to pick up a prescription I had gone into the store earlier to request. The pharmacist ignored me for 10 minutes, while waiting on someone in the other lane and others in the store. I finally hit the "help" button after ten minutes. When he finally responded, I told him I wasn't happy about not being acknowledged for ten minutes. He didn't care.

Then he told me that they didn't have the medication I had gone into the store 6 hours earlier to request, and that he was sure I had a message waiting for me at home. Since I had my cell phone in my hands and don't have a landline, I knew they didn't even call me to let me know.

I'm done with Walgreens. I had given them another chance after a pharmacist at another location questioned me about an Adderall refill for my daughter and myself. Too much detail to share, but bottom line is that when I called to get them filled later, my prescription was missing. The pharmacist told me she put it in a box where it would stay for 7 years at which time it would be destroyed. When I complained about this to the pharmacy manager, she told me there wasn't a box.

She proceeded to look for my prescriptions,couldn't find them, but assured me that the pharmacist had shredded them. I think that pharmacist filled them for herself or something. There's no logical reason why the pharmacist would destroy the prescriptions.

Anyhow, the moral of this story is, Walgreens pharmacy staff are rude, unreliable and dishonest. Wish there was a mom and pop pharmacy I could use, but since there isn't, I'll have to try another chain. Sure hope they have better pharmacy staff!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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To Tasha: If you read my initial complaint thoroughly, you will see that I was not saying that I should be served before others ahead of me, and I had gone into the store earlier in the day to order the refills. Yes, I agree the missing Adderall prescriptions are a serious accusation. I called corporate Walgreens about that incident so the missing prescriptions are documented with corporate, as well as the location in question.


People, please look at the username of the person who posted the second comment. It's not mine.

Mine starts with a lower case w and there's starts with a capital W. I did not write that comment. Whoever wrote that second comment was trying to discredit mine. I was not saying that I should be served immediately or before others in line in front of me.

My point is that good customer service would've been for him to say something like, "Be with you as soon as I can," vs leaving me sitting in the car for 10 minutes without being sure. This rude service bothered me more, due to the earlier and more serious missing Adderall prescriptions.


Just another case of Helicopter Parent Syndrome.... nothing to see here.

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