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Tonight I went to the drive up lane at Walgreens on Maple Grove Road in Madison WI, to pick up a prescription I had gone into the store earlier to request. The pharmacist ignored me for 10 minutes, while waiting on someone in the other lane and others in the store. I finally hit the "help" button after ten minutes. When he finally responded, I told him I wasn't happy about not being acknowledged for ten minutes. He didn't care.

Then he told me that they didn't have the medication I had gone into the store 6 hours earlier to request, and that he was sure I had a message waiting for me at home. Since I had my cell phone in my hands and don't have a landline, I knew they didn't even call me to let me know.

I'm done with Walgreens. I had given them another chance after a pharmacist at another location questioned me about an Adderall refill for my daughter and myself. Too much detail to share, but bottom line is that when I called to get them filled later, my prescription was missing. The pharmacist told me she put it in a box where it would stay for 7 years at which time it would be destroyed;. When I complained about this to the pharmacy manager, she told me there wasn't a box|.

She proceeded to look for my prescriptions,couldn't find them, but assured me that the pharmacist had shredded them'. I think that pharmacist filled them for herself or something?. There's no logical reason why the pharmacist would destroy the prescriptions..

Anyhow, the moral of this story is, Walgreens pharmacy staff are rude, unreliable and dishonest,. Wish there was a mom and pop pharmacy I could use, but since there isn't, I'll have to try another chain|. Sure hope they have better pharmacy staff!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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You don't know what you're talking about. Plus, your grammatical errors make your review difficult to read.


You should know any class 2 medication cannot have refills, despite what the Dr. may circle, check, or whatever.

Federal law trumps state law if it is more strict. Don't know how i lasted 18 years at Walgreen's with *** like you as customers.

Please save the profession from drug addicts and paranoid dieters/stimulant abusers. Out.....


I think the pharmacist Should have at least acknowledged him.

I am very patient and kind every timeI get a prescription filled, but because I'm younger and I'm getting an adderral script they are rude and give me a hard time 9 out of 10. These pharmacists need to get some manners and come down off of they're high horse long enough to realize they're really just drug dealers.


They have a dpi box where personal information is deposited, and then securely shipped off to be burned. What people forget to remember is a pharmacy or any place for that matter can refuse to fill a prescription or sell an item to a person.

Is it the best business sense? Probably not but if theres any doubt for a pharmacist they can refuse to fill a prescription. And as for the drive through, you get waited on in order of who is waiting first. if your there after people show up at the counter you have to wait your turn, just like if you were at the drive through first the counter would have to wait.

Maybe learn some patience.

A big tip, be patient, if your not it won't make people work faster, your drugs will probably be out of stock, and if it is in stock, your wait time will be about a half hour longer. BE NICE, and you will get better service.


Your writing skills and use of random and inappropriate punctuation marks leads me to believe you're borderline-retarded and made these mistakes yourself and just are blaming Walgreen's to vent.