We are a legal clinic that is doing everything by the book and Walgreens won't honor my script. My medical assistance always pull the pharmacy report before i see them to see what type of medication they been on.

Well when i look at what the other doctors be giving it don't add up to what i am prescribing.

Every time my patient goes to Walgreens they get turned away and that's not fair. I don't know what the problem that they have against me but somebody need to teach them to stop judging people because they are not doctors so they don't know what type of pain these patients be in.

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Well, we will take this one point by point.

1.) If you work in Legal Clinic then why would you think that you can write prescriptions. Unless I am reading this incorrectly and you are not stating that you are working in a Legal (Law) Clinic but rather an authorized Medical Clinic. In which case, the Staff Doctor should be the only one prescribing medications.

2.)They are Medical Assistant's not "assitance"

3.)Why and how could they be pulling the Pharmacy Reports. Could they possibly be pulling the Medical Records?

4.)When using "I" in the first person it is always capitalized. This has happened multiple times throughout your B.S. diatribe so I will just refer to them all in this one point response.

5.)Your grammar is just flat out atrocious. When you state that "it don't add up" you really should be saying that "it doesn't add up"

6.)If it doesn't make sense to you, then perhaps you should be consulting with doctors in the clinic who wrote the previous prescriptions to find out why they prescribed something different.

7.)You only have one "patient"? Or do you have multiple "Patients" but you just don't understand about making a word into a plural.

8.)Pharmacists ARE doctors. They are Doctors Of Pharmaceutical Medicine. They have been through 8 years of schooling to get to where they are. They have gone through Clinical Rotations. They have passed a Board Of Pharmacy examination to get their Licenses.

9.) The Pharmacists know and can understand what kind of pain the patients "ARE" in (not be in) by the medication and the dosage.

10.) The Pharmacists are not judging people, they are practicing their profession as they were trained. This training includes knowing how and when to spot a prescription written by someone unauthorized and/or unlicensed.

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #659795

So you don't post as LadyScot anymore?

What happened to, I've used the same name for years?

You, anonymous, are a big fat LIAR

Naples, Florida, United States #615787

If you are not a doctor you have no business writing scripts. If you are a legal clinic then you must have a doctor on staff to write your scripts for the patients.

YOU can not do so.

Jesus. And you can't figure out why they won't fill them?


....with anonymous I call BS on this. Either you're not a Dr.

or English is your second language. Either way BS.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #614851

Are you sure you are a real doctor? Your spelling, grammar, and spacing between sentences is extremely poor, for a supposedly highly educated person. There is something wrong here.

to anonymous #719770

Agreed; but his post gave me the first good chuckle I've had all day!!....silly person...Nice try "Doc" :grin

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