Los Angeles, California
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i went to picks up my prescription and don't believe how rude the pharmacist lady was. no counseling even it's new prescription.

she was something else. i don't know if she has a bad day or she is just like that, either way it isn't acceptable to me or to any one which the way she treat the customer. the address is 5843 w pico blvd, los angeles, CA. 90019.

i used to get my prescription get filled there and i haven't seen her before but after today i rather take my prescription few blocks away at cvs. give cvs a try.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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it seems like you work for cvs or something that's y you are trying to give them business. If pharmacist didn't offer counseling and you had questions , you could have asked yourself Your complaint is complete BS