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Update by user Sep 05, 2014

I Encountered...

Update by user Sep 05, 2014

****Correction**** HE HUNG UP THE PHONE...NOT ME. Just in case this is used in court, I want the information correct.

Original review posted by user Sep 05, 2014

I uncounted the rudest, most unprofessional Pharmacist at the Walgreens located at 1403 1960 West in Houston , TX. It all stated with his horrible demeanor over the phone and shortness with the questions and just terrible attitude.

I actually hung up the phone after taking the information he needed, without even letting me know what steps to take next, if the order was going to be filled, nothing! So, I went up to the location and addressed the individual directly, after all I didn't know what the *** to do next, and wasn't about to spend another 30-45 minutes on the phone waiting on another rude person to answer the phone. To make this long story short, he stated that he hung up because he was busy and that was it. No apology nothing.

Being who I am told him what he needed to hear (in so many words) and that he needs to be fired. I o not feel comfortable with this person or anyone like him filling Prescriptions, that could ultimately kill me. How am I supposed to know if he wouldn't mix up the prescriptions just because he can. With the way he was acting, He probably doesn't have ant morals that would stop him from *** such a thing.

So I filed my complaint with the Corporate office and better get a resolve. the situation is much worse than what I can write here.

I will be taking Legal actions if my complaint/concerns are not addressed. I fear for my life and others with this person filing my prescriptions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • unprofessional attitude
  • uprofessional behavior
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seriously?? sometimes they are super busy and not only have to ring people up, but answer questions, fill meds, call doctors, work drive thru and many other issues like checking meds and making sure there are no med interactions..and sometimes people just have a bad and busy day.

it happens..

i dont see why this person would seriously now harm you because you chose to act a fool.. now if they gave you wrong meds, thats a whole different story, but from what you have wrote here, it dont seem like anything bad happened other then someone being busy and you drove right on up to a store to yell at someone"because of who you are"


I ENCOUNTERED>>>> So upset that I can't even spell correctly.