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Complaint against Walgreen at the corner of Dairy Ashford and Memorial Drive in Houston, Tx 77079. My 85 year old mother has been in waiting list for shingles vaccination, which Walgreens advertises even in TV trying to get people to get the vacc.

from them. Last week we got the call saying vacc. is ready for her. She went first time on Saturday 7/15/11 and was told that she needed to pay full price for it, by phone I had checked with a gentleman there who assured me that since she has medicare and medicaid she would only pay $3.50...

she went away. SHe came back on 7/16 in the afternoon, she was told the price was fine but they needed to have a Dr's prescript. Then I took the time to call Dr who was willing to fax them the precrit. 7/19/11 Called back to get their fax number, talked to a fine farmacist named Scott who assured me that she does not need a prescription, instructed me to have her to go back, that he would put her name on one of the vaccinations (so they don't run out of them again) so it will be waiting for her and she should go back that afternoon and wouldn't be any problem.

My mother went back around 6pm and was toldl to come back another day between 2-4pm because they were too busy ! ! ! that they had only one pharmasist.

Mother called me from there, I talked to the clerk who said she wouldl have to wait around 1 hr or more or else come back other day. I asked to talk to pharmacist, I talked to SEQUINA (se shaid her name was that, no sure about spelling), she took the time to come back to the phone twice over my mother's cel phone to talk to me and to argue that she should rather go back until Thurusday or Friday because tomorrow (7/20) she was going to be in a meeting from 2:30P till 4PM and they wouldn't have the time to give her the vaccination. ! !

! ! ultrageous! to have an elderly lady to go back that many times due to their ignorance and lack of professionalism that many times during the hottest hours of the day and still she has not been able to get vaccination, for which we have been in waiting list for a month or so....

On top of that this person SEQUINA (pharmacist in charge at that time), was RUDE and she should be adviced to have her coat washed... a pharmacist should be clean, sparkling clean and not wearing a DIRTY coat... whe was going to give her the vacc. shot and all about her gave the impression of someone who is not clean at all.

All the time that she used to argue with me, she could have given 3 shots to different people in that time. No other person was waiting for a vaccination... she said she had prescriptions to fill out before she could give her the vaccination. Walgreens is great!!

Those bad employees should be taken out, they do nothing but give bad service to their customers and their employers.

Will try to call Scott again in the morning to see if she can go to see him instead. I told my mother do not allow her to give you the vaccination shot...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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The worst pharmacy. ..can't tell you how many times they have said there was no recorded message from the doctor on their voice mail leaving a prescription for a patient.

They obviously have very poor management at least for the past 4 years.

Won't even try to use them again. I feel really sorry for people that need them to do their job and can't get their medicine.


farmacist, really. Maybe you shouldnt be calling.

Please proof read all over place with compaint. How dirty was the coat, not like they are making cheese burgers back there.


Rambling, wat due ewe mean bout proof reeding??

What is shouldnt and compaint?