Washington, District Of Columbia
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My overall experience with my local Walgreens pharmacy is they are careless AND RUDE. I have to use them for 1 of my prescriptions, & I hate it!

I normally use Kroger. Thank GOD I only have to get 1 of my meds there! If you have to speak to them by phone, God forbid, they barely let you speak & are very quick to hang up ...before YOU are done! And please don't bother them with questions about your meds either.

Geez! And another thing.. their so called sales suck!

You have to buy 2 in order to get the discount price.. sorry I don't like it!

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I would like to complaine about the bottles of perfume i have bought from walgreens. Its very weak: not the same smell/strength it should be.

When i buy perfume from macys and other departments stores it is fresh smelling. I fill if walgreens continues to sell perfume products make sure it has not expired.

Also the make-up is way to high. Dont get me wrong i totally love to shop at your store but; i could go to macys/ dillards and pay about the same and get better quality.

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