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When did the pharmacist become one more person we had to explain our situations too??? I explain to my doctor, my insurance, and now a pharmacist??

I am on disability and see a pain management doctor who prescribes me enough medicine to try to keep me out of the hospital. Yes, I take it every month. Yes, I have tried other options, yes I have been to Shands to see if anything else would work, yes I have spent my savings on every different invention/potion/etc. that claims to work that my insurance doesn't pay for.

My regular pharmacy CVS did not have the quantities for my prescriptions last month. I went across the street to Walgreens to see if they did. The pharmacist looked at my prescription handed it back and said no they didn't. I asked if she could call another Walgreens to see if they had it so I did not have to drive all around Tallahassee in 5 o'clock traffic checking. There were NO customers in line or waiting at the pharmacy. (CVS had 10 people waiting or I would have asked them) She very coldly said "NO", so I did sarcastically say "so Walgreens doesn't care to help me try to fill this prescription with them" she said "no".

I had not filled my prescription for 30 days and it was a Friday, what choice did I have but to go back into town and try every pharmacy. After swearing to myself that I would NEVER go into another Walgreens, I broke that promise after 30 minutes in traffic and another Walgreens being the next closest pharmacy. That Walgreens was on North Monroe by the Tallahassee Mall and they were crowded! The girl took my prescription checked said they did not have it but smiled and offered to call another Walgreens to see if they did. I was so grateful for the treatment I teared up. Then I realized the pharmacist at Fred George basically had me feeling humiliated. Why did she feel the need to do that?

Over the last few years pharmacist and pharmacy techs have begun being extremely rude, judgmental and dismissive when you try to get your pain medicine filled. I can understand that there are a large group of people who lie, cheat and steal to get pain medicine to abuse. I don't understand why they can't understand that there are as many people who don't. Who honestly NEED to take pain medicine to have any kind of normal life.

There are months that people in chronic pain may need to fill there prescription a few days early. Yes, the prescription is written to take 3 pills a day. Those instructions are to meet the requirements of the FDA, ins company, etc... Do you honestly think our doctors are telling us to take our medicine everyday, every 8 hours?? My medicine is used for pain - I take it when I have pain and yes I also have to take a small amount when I do not to avoid withdrawal. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DRUG DEPENDENCY AND DRUG ABUSE. I cannot honestly say I am not in pain every day every 8 hours. Again, I take my medicine when I have to. Some months I have to take more than others. If the doctor and the insurance company don't have a problem with it why do the pharmacists?

I did try to call Walgreens corporate and let them know how rude and dismissively I was treated. I was told I would get a call back and never did. I called the store to tell the manager. They were unavailable but were suppose to call me back too, never did.

My request is - STOP JUDGING ME AND TALKING TO ME LIKE I AM A LIAR AND AN ADDICT!!!!! You are in a service industry, if you don't like it work at a mail order pharmacy! Yes, that comment is very much directed at the pharmacist at Fred George Road in Tallahassee, Florida. The pharmacy staff at the Walgreens on North Monroe by Tallahassee Mall and the location across from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital treated me with respect and courtesy. For that, I thank you very much!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: EDUCATE your staff!! Help them understand that there are people who honestly need pain medicine and we should never be made to embarrassed/humiliated/disrespected and ashamed to ask for help for filling the legal prescriptions we have.

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