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I am a 27 year old type 1 diabetic. I went to Walgreens on Airport Road South in Naples, FL and the pharmacy person- Paul Rosales refused to sell me a bag of needles.

I told him my sugar was 500 and I needed the bag - I always buy them by the bag at the Walgreens close to my home- it was closed...Paul Rosales asked to see my insulin!!

I could have went into a diabetic coma and died or wrecked my car!! I think this issue should be addressed so that people like me who depend on needles and insulin to keep them alive are not at risk to some *** employee who hads not had proper training.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Never use Walgreen's syringes. As a diabetic, I use them.

I have a prescription for BD syringes, however, Walgreen's will only give me their brand. Blunt needles in every bag. Some missing the needle tips. They refuse to refund or give me more.

Because I give insulin in my stomach, it is very painful, especially if you don't know it is not sharp.

Lots of bruises and half the time I bleed for about 10 minutes. Whatever you use your needles for...DO NOT GET WALGREENS BRAND!


In California it is legal to purchase up to 30 insulin syringe without a prescription. And it is illegal for a pharmacist to ask you your illness.

Walgreens in Rocklin ca.

Would not sell me 1 bag of 15. I explained it was legal and the lady said "ya but I don't have to sell them to you" very fustrating.


All Walgreens systems are linked so if you most likely go to any walgreens it should pulledup your profile and seen on which insulin you were on.By the way you could've died or wrecked your car because of not carrying your INSULIN!!!! And the comment about clean needles....GO TO REHAB!!!!!


Sorry but I do NOT believe your sugar was 500, you would have already been dead if it was that high....

If your going to a different pharmacy it is common sense you would need to bring in your prescription, it is law. Just because you feel like they should have handed you the needles doesn't make it right, the world does not revolve around arrogant people like your self.... My dad is a Type 1 Diabetic & he sugar has been at 30; he can feel it than. If your sugar was too high, you would be sweating, can barley speak, blacking out, etc.... Just like someone who had way too much to drink, you would look like you were just another drunk person to someone who was sober.

Maybe you should consider paying the money to get a pump, so this will not happen & it can keep your sugar in line so you don't have another issue with hyperglycaemic or hypoglycemic...


Really its none of your fn business if he does or doesn't have diabetes! If he shoots up at least he is trying to be safe by buying new syringes.

... now if they don't dispose of them properly they thats a different story and remember karma is a *** and will come back on them 10 times as worse.


Just because you have a family member with diabetes, that does NOT you know all! My blood sugar has been over 600 (that's as high as the meter reads) and I was conscious.

Yes, I felt horrible but I was aware and did not appear drunk. My aunt also has diabetes and we react very differently to similar situations. Everyone reacts differently.

Two diabetics will not react the same to the same blood sugar reading or to eating the same food. So there's no need for you to accuse this person of not knowing what she's talking about, because obviously you don't know what YOU are talking about.


Agreed. I don't know much about diabetes, but my father has it, and recently he was in the hospital and told his sugar levels were at ~500. He appeared totally fine, other than perhaps being a little sluggish.


Are you a ***? I've known many people to have sugar that high.

Mine in fact was 600 when i was first diagnosed. Guess what? Not dead.

Your father may be diabetic but that clearly doesn't make you an expert.

If a person has consistently high sugar, their body will adapt and function at higher levels.Therefore a person can still talk, walk and carry on if they have high levels often.

I love people who think they are an expert just because someone they know has an illness. SMH.


I hate when I see *** like this like people think they are doctors cause they have a friend or relative who has an illness that are commenting on first of no two people are alike every person's body is differnt. I have an 8 year old daughter who is type 1 diabetic she is only 7 months into her diagnosis and it hss been the hardest thing that I have had ti deal with and her also many times it is fight to get her to test hrr sugar or take her insulin and the constsnt sneaking of food between shots it is is true anything over 300 csn start to cause organ failure and not impossible at all to test at 500 or even higher several occasions hrr sugsr was so high the better eould read it either tops out at 600 or 700 dependinh on her meter she is using.

Clearly she is still alive so most likely thrcwomen story is true. And the walgreens guy was just being a one way small minded *** Thank u and have a great day


Don't diabetics wear a bracelet stating that so emts and other health care pros can know that. Why would it be the pharmacists fault if you wrecked your car?

You didn't have your insulin with you would shooting up air help? Also I don't think giving people needles when they want is a good idea, yea they might be safer by not sharing needles but if there's an abundance of them they leave them everywhere for some innocent kid to get stuck by them.

And I've seen it on the beach and playground. At least we know it probably didn't come from walgreens.


To Type 1.If your father is a doctor.Why?Did you not get your needles from him.Does he not have any in his office that you could use until you get your's replaced?


Weird. In New York, one can buy insulin syringes from the pharmacy counter OTC with no questions asked.

They put a small harm reduction pamphlet in the bag if they think you're an IV drug user lol.

I guess NY has a different stance on harm reduction. I guess if they're going to shoot up anyways, we might as well let them do it with clean needles, instead of getting wicked infections from being forced to re-use old ones.


I love that some people think that we should just give them whatever they want, when they want it. It's a friggen pharmacy for Christ sakes.

Yes, it is attached to a retail store. That does not mean the same rules apply in the pharmacy, being that it is a health care facility. Are you retarded enough to think we are going to hand over syringes to anyone that asks for them without being sure they are not using them to shoot drugs into their arm? Be realistic!

You do not have to fill your prescriptions with Walgreens to get syringes. You just have to provide proof that you have a med that requires injection. Not like we are asking for your first born child you ignorant ***. Do you really think we are so *** as to take someone's word and ask NO questions?

99% of the complaints on here are *** over things that we have no control over. If it isn't a federal law, it's a state law. If it isn't a law we have to comply with in order to maintain licensure, it's a *** policy. Walgreens has the right to enforce policies such as this.

As do the pharmacists. We have the right to refuse any sale, for ANY reason. Stop being a lazy ***, go get your insulin bottle (doubt you even have one) and you will have no problem. But you can't do that because you either DON'T HAVE ANY *** REASON TO HAVE NEEDLES or your just a lazy ***.

That, or your one of those people that just likes to complain for the fun of ruining someone's day. As for your comment on us needing proper training, we are VERY well trained to watch out for junkies and drug seekers. So your actually complaining that we are doing our job well. Preciate it.

Y'all's complaints actually make me feel better, that all we are doing our job in compliance with the Feds to get drugs off the street and making it difficult for them to get into the hands of drug seekers. We take VERY good care of our patients that actually are in pain, regardless of what people say on here. I love our customers, and I respect them for still being able to get out of bed every morning and fight every day regardless of the pain they're in. It is the ignorant, disrespectful, RIDICULOUS addicts that are ruining it for the people that truly need our help.

It is those people that make me dread going to work everyday and hearing the excuses and the lies and the angry rants from people that are accusing us of trying to "KILL" them because we follow laws and policies that were put in place to keep drugs from being sold or OD'd on out of the wrong hands, and the needles out of their arms. So when we ask you for proof, shut up and provide us with it, or just shut up and leave. Forever.

We do not care to lose business from those people. Not even the slightest bit.


Hey LadyScot - new low

p.s. rxemployee: calling yourself by a different title you gave yourself ~~~~doesn't fool anyone. You just know better than going by LadyScot again!!!!!

Catch a clue - EVERYONE HATES YOU.


*** you and you I think im god additude! You will never change the way the world is there will always be drugs no matter what.

.. and most people do them so they can not be annoyed by ignorant people like yourself that think they can play god and designate what others do!

So *** off and suck it up at least they want to be clean and use new needles so they don't get a *** disease!


You arrogant *** wipe so it is better to refuse them so they leave your store go find somebody either in the street or in a crack house or just an average Joe who a liar anf says that he has clean needles and they're not clean and maybe he can get a disease and die from that which he didn't have prior from trying to get clean needles from a store from someone who thinks they are holier than thou and better than anyone else because they don't have that particular addiction when in reality you have worse problems because your arrogance and you're conceit and your disdain will inadvertently kill someone one day if not more than one and you may know you may never know but it'll be on your conscience because rather than helping people which is what benevolent people go into the medical industry to do and that's what we are put on here to do to help each other rather than judge. No one chooses to be an addict and it wouldn't have been helping him do drugs it would have been helping him preventing him from doing something which you probably lead his hand toward by refusing.

Check the news in the last 3 months they did a big study about the last five years of drug abuse is and what kills them prescription pain pills was number one on the list for deaths , and the fdA still considers alcohol and the most dangerous drug which makes perfect sense but its socially acceptable I'd like to see you as a bartender refusing a paying ceo a drink because of your concern with humanity.

you really need to take a huge step back look at your thoughts and what your opinions on human beings compassion and brotherhood and reevaluate your life before you go on judging because I think you are really going to regret your decisions when you're older and you're probably going to hurt many. I pray you see the error of your ways and that doesn't happen


Same thing happened to me at Walgreens in San Antonio, TX (actually Leon Valley, TX). The pharmacist stated that she would sell the syringes "this time" after quizing me on the brand of insulin used since it wasn't purchased there.

She also stated that in the future I would need to bring in an empty box showing the prescription info for the insulin. Humulin N is available over the counter in TX (not sure about anywhere else) so why can you get the insulin easily and have to go through a "screening process" to get the syringes---its just ***!


Dear Type 1

After reading your quote I guess I must be a redneck because I'm from Texas, live in the outskirts of town, I don't have a genius I.Q. only 120 but I do have a son that is diabetic and needs insulin which requires syringes, I am anemic and have to take B-12 by shots which means I need needles.

My pharmacy doesn't even ask why I need needles since I buy my B12 there.

How else would I take my B12, by mouth- Get real. While you are right Type 1 you lady are a SNOB.


I applaud walgreens! I know somoene who is an insulin abuser who uses it to stay skinny.

There should be laws requiring a prescription for medicines like that. People now in my state can just walk in and get them OTR. It shouldn't be that way!

Agreeing with the employee too. If you didn't have your medicine with you and your sugar was spiking what good is a needle going to do you?!


First and foremost... 'Jojo'...

You obviously do not understand Type 1 diabetes. If you become ill, or stressed, or are pregnant... etc., your blood sugar can get dangerously out of control, whether or not you are trying to manage your doses. I am a Type 1, have never been obese, eat healthy food, and exercise.

I am a caregiver for people with mental retardation / in health care/ nursing, volunteer, and care for my elderly parents... I am very intelligent, polite, and a good citizen. Plus, I do not make sweeping generalizations... and am not a ***, such as yourself.

I come from a good family, who 'raised me the right way'. My father is a physician, my mother has 2 Master's degrees, and my sister is a professor. All of us have genius IQs. My father worked his way through medical school, and did not have any help in doing so.

He did not spoil us, and expected us to be upstanding people! If my gene pool dies off, your gene pool will be all that's left... and you and your trashy, ignorant kind will be left to fend for yourselves... Which will mean that you'll just do away with one another by clawing at each others' flesh...

Much like an animal. I am sure that you will have fun sniffing one another's armpits, and behaving like idiots... All the while, thinking you've got everyone else outsmarted. Surely you're the only one who can 'pull the wool over' the opposing person's eyes, right?

Well.... Haha! You and many other people have the same redneck mentality... Have fun with that...

and claw away! You are a ***. Yayyyyy! I don't want to survive in a world where people like you exist.

NO, I certainly wouldn't share my elite gene pool with any of your kind. Oh, and by the way... I was prom queen, homecoming queen, was in a sorority ( but quit because they were all so *** fake ), and am quite attractive. Somehow, I'm fairly certain that you do not have the same pedigree.

So... kiss my pretty little Type 1 diabetic tail. Oh, and to the rest of you who are being so harsh with the person who originally posted this... Next time you become deathly ill, I hope your doctor gives you an hour-long lecture on what you could've done to prevent it.

Then, maybe he will prescribe your medicine. Druggies will probably have figured out a way to turn your needed medicine into a form of crack...

And then, you can sit in Walgreens for an hour and a half filling out forms and vomiting. Only then, dear opinionated ones, will you have room to make a comment about anyone else's condition.