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Update by user Feb 03, 2016

I was told that a Walgreens representative would contact me in two business days after I posted on their Facebook page...that was over a week ago. I guess I'm not the only one who has issues with deadlines.

Original review posted by user Jan 24, 2016

Went to the all night Walgreens on Green Oaks in Arlington TX. in the wee hours on a Sunday to get a prescription for a pain medicine filled for my son, who had just been discharged home after an emergency appendectomy just a few hours before.

The pharmacist interrogated me and apparently I passed the least initially. My birthday was 27 hrs. previous and my drivers license had expired, which was my mistake...but I thought that it was good to the end of the month, in my defense-and the rest of the month wasn't much better than this night, so I couldn't have gone anyway (I was unable to renew online this year); consequently, after driving from one town to the next (this was the nearest all night pharmacy) and the 14 hr. ordeal I had already endured, as well as waiting for the prescription to be filled that was then denied to me, I had to bring my son Ibuprofen, which was all he had to take for abdominal surgery until my husband could come back later and pick up the prescription.

Ironically, the address on my license was the same address in their system from years before when we had been customers, and I was picking up the prescription for someone else whose name I didn't share at utterly ridiculous and all this for a handful of Tylenol #3s. I won't be going back and I did not make things easy for the pharmacist after learning that I would be returning empty handed, so just wondering how anyone benefitted??

I have a relative who is a tech who pretty much validated my suspicion that this was a judgment call. How sad, when caring for those in need comes second to paranoia.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: None, I just want others to know not to shop here and I won't be going back..

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I have read many complaints about walgreens. I have one that i have not seen anyone elese talk about.

My daughter at the time was 25 and we had been at the ER. She recevied a script for vomiting. I drop of and went back to pick up. This was like 12:30 am, got hm with the meds: and she took one pill and about 20 minutes later she saud to me: Mom i fell sleepy so i looked at the bottle and it was something elese: Amitriptyline.

The *** was for depression/ regroup nerve damage. I was so damn mad. I went bk and the pharmacist apologise and filled the correct medication. I wanted to so bad to sue the *** right out of them.

The manager said it was a mistake and they deep l y apologize. I really should have never let them get away with it. What if it would have cause death to her?

Well 06-21-2017 she did past away and i miss her so much. She would have been 37 this yr.


I have had similar experience at that walgreens. My husband take pain medication for an existing condition.

The folks at that walgreens refused to fill his prescription simply because we had never filed there before. It was on a Sunday but not in the wee hours.

The medication my husband takes has a full date on it and for whatever reason the days fell on Sunday. So our usual pharmacy was closed.


Yes, I've read that this has been a problem with Walgreens for some time.


Ok, one more time to all of the special "who do you think you are" contingent. Yes, I have an attitude about this and I don't always handle these things in the proper way..especially where family is concerned.

I'm guessing that's why I'm being verbally spanked for thinking that I'm above the rules/law. It really amazes me that people feel the need to comment in such an ugly fashion on a two month old post that doesn't impact them in any way. I don't feel that I'm above anything; however, I don't believe anyone deserves to go through what I did, so I posted this complaint (which is what this site is for, I believe ) hopes that Walgreens will dial back their aggressive policy-or speak with their pharmacist who took it too far-as it is detrimental to customers and serves no real purpose. The fact that Walgreens has chosen to ignore me doesn't mean that my complaint hasn't had an affect; I can hope that if more people (and I know I'm not the only one who has been treated badly)complain, Walgreens will work to assure this sort of incident stops occurring-whether through policy changes or education of pharmacists...or both.

I posted my experience as a warning to others as well, since I've seen that I'm not the only one who has been denied pain medication for nebulous reasons. Rather than focusing on my mistake-or my attitude-please consider the reason for the policy. State law requires that pharmacies make an effort to assure that persons picking up prescriptions are who they say they are to reduce the risk of black market sales or patient abuse of narcotics...that's all. There isn't a specific type of ID required by law, just ID-as the point isn't the same as the DPS, which is to be able to find you if needed.

I know another nurse whose hospital badge was accepted at another pharmacy-as she didn't have her license on her at the time. There is no way to prove that a prescription picked up by another is going to the person on the prescription, so this is a band aid at best; however, since patients can't always pick up their own prescriptions, pharmacies allow that concession...because it could otherwise impact the patient in a detrimental way...which was my point. The pharmacist was hostile and suspicious from the start of my transaction (even though the medication was pretty far down there on the dangerous drug tier-and I'm the sweet grandmotherly type, until provoked), which was totally unnecessary. I believe that his judgment may have been affected by the hour and the day (early Sunday morning) and I'm pretty sure by that time I looked pretty stressed and dishevelled; however, none of those factors should be used to determine whether a person "deserves" to receive their prescription.

I used my debit card with a PIN for the things that I was allowed to buy-another pretty sure sign that I wasn't "up to no good." I've been told that using a pharmacy far from one's home is suspicious, but there are very few all night pharmacies...which makes that another poor reason to judge "worthiness" based on circumstantial evidence. He proved to his satisfaction that I was who I said that I was, by comparing my sons stated birthday, phone number and address to the data base. I answered all of his questions and then provided a drivers license with my picture and signature on it....and the same address in the database. There was also nothing in the database that flagged me as someone who might abuse narcotics, as I have rarely had need of pain medication.

Anything else is arbitrary-and,in this instance-my son suffered as a result. Medical professionals should be patient advocates first and foremost-and the law backs that up by giving the final decision to the pharmacist. He/she can dispense medication without ID if it is deemed necessary; my pharmacist-while interrogating me thoroughly-didn't bother to find out why the medication was prescribed-and didn't care when I told him. This is the only reason that I bring up my background, because as a nurse I have been trained to put the patient first, which sometimes means working around rules that,although put in place with good intentions, turn out to be detrimental to the patient (and all medical professionals will face this at one time or another); also means that everyone should work towards achieving changes in policy, to better provide for the patients/customers needs.

If there is some reason that I've missed that the pharmacists refusal should be considered valid, I'd love to hear it....but "rules are rules" is a pretty poor excuse to deny care to someone in need.

@Deana C

I know that in DE at Walgreens on Main in is the LAW if you are picking up any controlled substance you must have a valid ID with your photo. If the patient is a minor, they must have an adult, with ID, present.

If you are picking up for someone else (they can't get to the pharmacy) they will contact the person to whom the prescription is written for to make sure the meds aren't being "mishandled" Nice way of saying stolen.

This has been the way it is at that Walgreens for years. I have been getting scripts filled there since it opened as Happy Harry's, almost 25 years ago.


Oh is not the pharmacist concern, nor is it their right to ask you what you are getting a particular med for. Some pharmacist who like to play doctor think it is their right/business to ask you this.

It is not.

If they want to question someone as to why you are getting something, let them ask your doctor. They will quickly find out that is not their business.


It isn't the LAW in I've already posted. Some kind of ID is required, but it's also up to the pharmacists discretion.


My son isn't a minor by the way.


Blah blah blah blah blah ... You certainly feel that no rules, laws, etc should apply to you, huh?! What made you so special?


What made you so rude and why do you care? Nothing better to do on a Saturday night?

I have a complaint about a policy that left a family member in pain for much longer than was necessary. Hoping that you get a lesson in this at some point. This isn't law, as I've already posted. Can you give a rational explanation for the policy?

As a nurse for 30 years, I'm offended when a patients needs aren't met...especially when there is no good reason for it.


Nothing made me rude, did you know that I lost custody of my son because of this incident? Someone saw me hitting him because took my frustrations about this situation out on him and they got my license plate number and called the police on me who contacted CPS who took my son and put him in a foster home.


My son is an adult and it's pretty easy to see that I didn't post this. It's pretty easy to tell why you're spending your Saturday trolling complaint sites.


And it's s bad and sad to see anybody who attacks and hits anybody. People like you to supposed to be into jail.

That's where you need to be at! It's not everybody else's fault you're losing custody.

Maybe you should not of done that into the first place and maybe you need to control your violent behavior! Seek and Get help!




It probably wasn't the first incident with your son. Don't drag that into the conversation..are we supposed to feel sorry for you now???

Because you publicly beat your child??? I'm not even getting started on this.


You are the biggest *** I think I've ever come upon. You know no one else gives a rats about your adolescent little games. Don't have a life, I guess.


I find that story extremely hars to swallow, as COS doesn't work like that. And shame on you for hitting your kid no matter what the reason was!!


The moronic hacker is back. No one else is reading your ***, so knock yourself out. This is becoming amusing.


If you "Took your frustration" out on your son equalling abuse. You need to go straight to jail. Your the adult act like one


Bottom line: whether this was store policy or the pharmacist, the law doesn't require it and I have the right to complain about it, because it makes no sense and does harm to the consumer. The opinions of those who didn't suffer as a result don't matter.