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I had ONE refill listed on my RX so I asked for a refill online, it said you RX will be ready @ 10am the next day. So when I go to pick it up they have NOTHING ready for me and say that my RX is expired.

When it clearly said ONE refill still available and they told me it would be ready for pick up the next day! Apparently the date of the RX expired a few days ago even though one refill was still left. I understand that if the date of the RX is expired they are not technically allowed to fill it. All I'm asking is if they are going to not fill the RX that I receive at least a phone call or something letting me know they are NOT filling it so that I can try and contact my doctor to get authorization for the refill.

Its birth control medication that not only CONTROLS BIRTH but also is needed for another IMPORTANT MEDICAL CONDITION, PREVENT OVARIAN CYSTS THAT REQUIRE SURGERY TO REMOVE!!!!

Its now SUNDAY and I need to start the medication TODAY and have NO WAY of contacting my doctor for approval. THANKS FOR NOTHING WALGREENS AND I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!

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A lot of chain pharmacies with a rx refill service like that do that too. I don't work at walgreens but i know at the pharmacy i work at does that as's because all the phone/website does is put the request in to fill it.

It doesn't check to see if you have refills left nor does it check to see if it's even fillable.

it just puts the request in. If it's a valid rx number, it'll tell you they'll fill it.


If you weren't a *** who needs her hand held through the simple things in life, you'd see that it says you have 1 refill before x date. So while you did really well to read part of you bottle, you were too busy whining to realize that all the obvious info you need was in your hand. Sorry you're too *** to use common sense or read anything.

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