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Soda special. Buy 3 12 pack sleeves for $12.00.

No advertising anywhere about limit of 6 sleeves. We have been buying items like this for over 5 years. I get to the counter, the woman is very rude and unprofessional. She calls her manager and says we can’t sell that to you.

I was beside myself, never ever has this happened.

Will never shop at this store or any other for that matter. No posting or fine print on any of the adds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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The homeless need someone to buy them a one way ticket to Margaritaville.(Key West, Florida.)

@Lets Have A Dollar General Wedding

I was McHomeless in Key West and there was this Nut-Job walking down the street dressed in full winter gear like he was in Pittsburgh or something. He was yelling and screaming crazy stuff and he was shooting the rod at a man and a woman who were riding bicycles down the sidewalk and they just laughed at him.

I couldn't understand why he didn't change out of those winter clothes. After all, that's one of the main reason that the Homeless go to Key West is so that they only have to wear summer clothes and thus don't have as much c.r.a.p.

to carry around with them. I think that this young man should have stopped by Walgreens and had his psychiatric meds transferred over to Key West so that he could have come to his senses.


You are in wisconsin.I have lived there...It gets very cold....Sometimes forty below zero. The homeless there do not need soda.The homeless there need hot coffee soup hot chocolate.They also need socks and coats and blankets.They need warm shelter.They need gloves and hats.They need jobs. An addictive soft drink is the last thing they need.Maybe buy them juice instead so they can at least have some vitamins.I remember one year a homeless man died and froze to the sidewalk.Soda is the last thing a homeless needs.


You should move to New Mexico. All of the Walgreens ads clearly state what the limits are and they always say "No Limits In New Mexico".


If you are "never going to shop at this store or any other" then how are you going to get your hands on large quantities of sugary soft drinks to advance yourself faster into the land of Diabetus? Are you giving up sodas completely in the name of protest?

Or perhaps buying all beverages via mail order or home delivery instead? To think this is all over quantity limits, which the store has the right to impose, is just plain laughable.


And thank you for your assumptions. I actually purchase the soda/water and donate it to local soup kitchens all over Milwaukee Area.

And as for me, I’m 6’-2”. 190#’s and 3 percent body fat.

Just in case you want to know. Have a nice day


Oh yes ... because of all things the homeless need, soda is a top priority.

So let's be sure to shop til we drop so we can donate soda to everyone!!

Give me a break! LOL!


Actually, I am sure that the homeless would much rather you donate beer to them. That way they won't have to stand out there in the cold wind holding up a sign asking for help.