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I have had Walgreens refuse to fill my pain medicines on 2 different occasions sense Jan 2013, in Jan they told us there policy had changed & the needed to call the Dr's office, when we asked why they would not say, we left went to locate my script at a different pharmancy, but ran into a problem of no one at the time after going to 5 different pharmancy's that had enough to fill the 90 quanity, that my script was for, so after 4 days we did get my script filled, well in March this accured again, so we went to Walgreens after going to 2 different CVS & they did not have enough to fill my script, so my husband went to Walgreens & the first one did not, they would not even call another one of there stores we were requesting that was 22 miles one way was the closest to us being in a rural area outside Jacksonville, in which is where he was cause he works 2 jobs & went to fill the script between jobs,anyway they would not call the Callahan store, he said he could not do that, so we called the Dr's office sense it was a Friday & 4::30, we had got caught up in that problem back in Jan, so told the Dr office he was heading to get the script filled & to be expecting a call, cause they had to call them, at this point that is all we knew, they had, the girl at our Dr's office said she would not leave until she heard from them, so I was in the bed at home do to I was totally out of my med,, do to I have a colasped hip & dead bones, my husband asked if they had enough to fill script, they said YE$; had to call my Dr, so my husband now not stressing so bad, he found who had it, well pharmacist comes to him & says we are NOT going to fill the script, he asked why, she stated they will not give us the info we are asking, so at this point, its 5:00 on Friday & other pharmancy's in Jax, I'm home Suffering, so now have to figure where to go from here, my husband called the Dr office to find out what was going on & the girl knows me well, she explained she confirmed the script was valid, but they were asking for a lot of PRIVATE info, in regard to wanting to know why & how long I'm on the medicine & asking dignosis & dignosis code, & other personal questions that she was not giving, that it was in violaton to Hippa & she wasn't doing it, so therefore that's why Walgreens would not fill my script. I was med for 4 days, suffering in BAD PAIN, we found pharmancy's who wouldn't have it,, if they did, not enough to fill it, so after going all over Jax, it was also a Hoilday week-end so hospital pharmacy closed, we got the medicine on day 4 & I have been in bad shape, my husband upset because he is watching my suffering & crying, we spent $48.00 on gas we didn't have in our budget running around looking for a med that a pharmanncy closer to my home than 54 miles 1 way had, Walgreens is playing God, asking things that is none of there business & they are in the business of filling scripts, not writing them nor is it any of there right to invade Privacey of us patients, that's between our Dr's & ourself,not to mention they are making patients SUFFER cause they have the medications & amounts when other pharmancy's don't & they won't do what they're in the business to do.

My Dr has told his patients to avoid Walgreens, there has been a Dr locally who was on the News regarding how Wrong this is, they are invading our privacey & taking advantage of us pain patients of our suffering & inconvenience out of pocket, but not to mention that I'm not in condition to be driving around for 5 or 6 hours looking for my medicine, because they will not tell you on the phone if they have a medicine & I do understand that, do to there protection & not knowing in this day & time if someone is calling to set up a robbery, Walgreens say they are in the right to do this & they are following DEA law, well I don't go thru this with other pharmancy's''PRAISD GOD'', so where are we being Protected by our private rights with our health, not to mention what are the Walgreens employees doing with our private info, who are they relating it to, Walgrrens are in the busines to fill our script, where our Dr's went to school for a many year to have the right to write the scripts we need, the pharmist at Walgreens in Jan told us to give them the script info, not leave it though, they would call the Dr & if they then "decided" to fill the script, I could then bring it back & they would then fill it, I ask was he kidding, that I was not in health to be running back & to with several trips, just to get my prescription filled, so this tells you they will under mind the Dr's, I don't know who Walgreens think they are, but YES they need to be brought down to size, or sense they want to brag they are the Largest pharmacy in our Nation, they need to be out of the prescription filling all together with this type of treatment to patients, for they are not the ones in pain suffering when they won't fill scripts they have the medicine in stock to fill.,all because our Dr's who are licensed going by the law who write legal scripts & because our Dr's will not put our private information out to someone who has no business knowing our private medical, Walgreens puts us in a minority & a form of their acts of discrimanation againist us PAIN PATIENTS as a whole, I FEEL,, let's do what we need to do, Hippa needs to protect us against such acts & if not written to now, let's stand for the HIPPA to rewite to protect in such case, ,isn't Hippa(health information patient privatey act ) to protect us patients? I will call Morgan & Morgan

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stop taking large quantities of pain meds. then the pharmacist will not have to call on them all the time. Yes a pharmacist needs to know what your condition is in order to treat you.


How ''RUDE'' of you to sit behind a key-board & want to throw judgement & comments on a person & issue on ''YOU know Nothing about, look there are A lot of people who have issues with this company, further more, unless YOU know a person & reasons why' they take their med's maybe you need to just not comment, when there are LIFE threatening problems Dr's treat & see need for medications & obvious ''you'' can't relate, then keep your NEGITIVE comments to self


thank you sandy. i read aaa's comment and wanted to reach throuth my screen and hoke her.

i'm so SICK of people who dont get how painful some us live our lives and being high and mighty with the advice.

before i started showing symptoms i was one of those people who thought those in chronic pain were lying. i'm now embarrassd and ashamed, and hope others can see that some of us on the world simply need narcotic therapy in order to function.


I work in a pharamacy.We never have a problem with filling a script.What walgreens has done wrong is if i were to guess is not to hold on to their paper or computer scrips for 7 years as the law requires.In all the years I worked we only refused to fill 1 script which a 5 year old could tell was fake.We never got in trouble with the dea.What i think happend is they threw them out.Because if they kept their scrips i think they would not have a problem.As long as you have the scrips the dea leaves you alone.

@better than you

,) I thank you for your Honesty, if you lok on this site you can see that this is happening to a lot of people & placing majir hardship on people, it's like they are playing God when it comes to people needing there medicine, I have been Blessed to have my med's filled @ other pharmacy & Never had a problem, but your reply is nice to see that You yourself '''KNOW''' that it's them just giving hard time because they have made a MAJOR MISTAKE & they are making others suffer @ there mess up, if you look you can see where they were FINED for it, do a search for or on Walgreen's fine by DEA, in 2013; but yet they want to tell ' patients its a New DEA Law, you have a blessed day,, :p


1ST off,bad car wreck brain injury ok> brain injury,back an spinal cord injury,pardon my spelling,and accent

Why are yall so mean to this lady?

Id walk through *** if i were her too!

i go to a pain place as well.

means i have a Scarlet Letter on my dang records too.!

wallgreens is forever out of pain patches.i also drove 100 miles to a walgreens in palm beach.1 box.not 3

needed new script from doc for other boxes.

The pharm tech in palm beach spoke to my doctors office. as i listened, my whole life was told,i dident know or care.

But always being out or half filling.drove me insane.

I knew i had to change this.

I finally found mom and pop place, guess my south mississippi manners I was happy to answer any questions..

All they wanted to know was how i was doing.Thats it.

They by HAND order when low.Not By Computer point of sale.

Miss Sandy ignore this mean people!

I am ashamed at you people!

Bet you are the the family folks i see in walmart with screaming kids and you calling TIME OUT!

So there miss sandy,i think i just told em off i hope.

i also hope you find peace,

one more thing,

I brought all scripts to that place.i think its a law in florida?

I am so sorry he is in pain..ill pray for yall Poundpup


Poundpup, thanks for your support, for see You Know that feeling of thr run around, do appreiate you speaking up for me, these people's mouth is just that, they sit behind a key-board & want to make rude & heartless comments, yet don't know REAL pain, nor probably have none @5 all, I have read the 1way mi ded thoughts, I DON"T have No Scarlet letter or bad marks on my drug history @ all, when posting the comment to begin with it was to voice the frustration of the Walgreens abuse to patients getting their medicines, & the Out of control actions of the Walgreen's pharmist & invasion of our private personal medical, that it is not only myself but ''DR's'' too, who do not agree with Walgreen's so called policy, & it is Wagreen's not DEA, , Walgreen's got fined & sued & now this is how they want to try to cover there OWN wrong acts. See Walgreen's Fined & law-suits you will see what I'm talking about, anyway, when I posted the 1st posting I was replying & commenting to a prior posting & who was commenting on people commenting & also to call Morgan & Morgan' then some how some Smart moth wise crack came up for me to do Hipps research & all you see, but if you read there is a HIPPA expert who says IT IS a INVASION on PRIVACY, what walgreen's is doing, so these Rude so called know it alls who don't want to consider a regular person, who,s like yourself on the patches & few other pain med's I take daily & have to have to not be in Suicidial pain & to have some sort of quality to life, to be able to have some enjoyment to a life with CHRONIC pain, but these useless remarks by people who have no compassion for people who are not addicts & just want to live life, have there useless say, it's just that,useless words, God HAS BEEN GOOD to me & as my Dr's say I'm a walking ,living Miracle, they didn't expect me to make it this far nor ever walk again with me being bed-ridden for 4 half years, so those are they people' who's opinion matters, & those WHO KNOW what they're talking about,, I'm a good patient who doesn't abuse my med's nor am I a drug head & these MEAN comments from these people will have to answer to their calless words & heartless comments on their day of judgement, plus they want to throw words of selfish remarks for until they walk in those type of shoes they can always have a so called opinion of others til it happens to them.

As my Dr's & Pastor say, this walk has been & is my testimony & you can see God's hand of Grace on me, Poundpup, stay @ the place you are getting your med's & having people care & concerned for your care, I'v been blessed, so shows it's not the LIE, Walgrren's wants to tell to be nosiy, 'it's DEA required' other pharmacy's will not put you through *** & invade your patient, Dr relationship, to get you your prescribed.

med's. Good luck to you, & I'll pray for you, & THANK YOU for STICKING up for me & others like you & myself, have a blessed day & thanks again.


Sandy, please don't give a second thought to these professional repliers on

It is their jobs to discredit anyone who has a complaint to share with others. It doesn't matter the reason - it could be anything - they will say something awful to the person posting and three or four will jump onboard in agreement. They do it on almost any topic that gets a couple of comments. Don't take it personally. I think they get paid by the line, or the company, or the site, or whatever (who really knows [or cares?]).

Chronic pain is only funny and unbelievable if you don't experience it.

Brush these people off for what they are: A gnat buzzing around your face. Don't worry. Just like gnats, their kind won't last too long until they get their pay-back, or like you probably say, "reap what you sow".

Just remember, as many people who throw s,t,u,p,i,d, remarks around, there are an equal number of people who need to know what you have to say.

Good luck.


Anonymous, thank you for your supportive reply, it is true your words, for every 1 smart crack from callessed, heartless people, there ARE OTHER's who want to here your thoughts & opinion, I can tell my the RUDE comments that those sitting behind a screen & stroking a key-board 'haven't a Real clue on people really suffering in Real pain, there are a lot out there, from those like Poundpup, brain injury, our Service guys, God Bless them, or someone who's been in a car accident or job injury or like myself a Dr's screw-up, killed my bones in my body & created a blood disorder in regard to high levels of colestertol & fat embloi, but pain can make people crazy, & Dr's who KNOW what they are doing, do what they can to Help to help quality of life of CHRONIC pain patients, its a shame that people will sit behind a screen & earn money @ the expense of a persons suffering, but Thank you for your kind words of support, God has had me in the Palm of his hand thru all this & like you said those with negitive, heartless replys haven't seen what their words Will bring upon them. as you said it will caught up with them, no pain isn't funny, & I will continue to strive day by day to have some quality of life-style & keep my daily blessings, thanks again & Good Luck :p to yourself as well 8)


A pharmacist asking for the medical history on a patient to justify filling a pain medication is not a violation of is two medical professionals sharing medical information in order to make an informed health decision. Pharmacists are doctors in their field too, and are held legally liable by the DEA.

Pharmacists can't hide behind the excuse that since a medical doctor wrote the script, they have to fill it. This is the problem....people look at pharmacies as a McDonald's to pick up their orders. Not the business of the pharmacy what goes on between you and your doctor? According to the job description and legal responsibilities, that is exactly the pharmacists' job.

Pharmacists receive a doctorate level education of many years studying medications while medical doctors take 1 pharmacology course. It is NOT invading your privacy to ask a medical doctor for a diagnosis and justification of the fact a pharmacist can lose his or her license for not doing so.


I never questioned the schooling of the pharmist, they don't know me personally, they don't see me on a one to one, i DON'T choose a pharmist like I do my personal physician. the med the DR perscribes is what he knows is what is being tried or works, the pharmist went to chool to know the drug & the awareness of it, not to question my DR's decision on what he's treating my colasped hip & pelvis & dead bones in both my leggs, this is very rare & it took the DR's awhile to figure it out, the pain I live in daily the pharmist IS NOT EVEN AWARE of, has NO IDEA' I don't feel the pharmist needs my private info to verify a perscription, they have licenses, I'm greatful for the knowledge of the med, what mg & & side affects' BUT my DR knows what the drug is needed for, so this mess is not needed to verify a valid script, thata what ab pharmist needs to kbnow, iis the perscription liget. if there are problems the Dr will be the one they will get for neglenet on a patients parts, the pharmist if there is a medicine part, they are seperate.


Before you spout off more of your ignorant nonsense, you might want to take a HIPPA course! Yes, they are both medical professionals, but that DOES NOT give them the right to one's private medical information, unless the patient specifically releases the doctor's office to do so.

Private medical or mental health information is protected EVEN from other medical or mental health professionals. I am a health professional, who practices within HIPPA guidelines every day & required to be re-certified every year.


Seen your reply & do very much agree that a pharmist is not ENTITLED to my medical to get my medicine, that the 2 are very different, but yet you hear that we are NOT protected by our privacey with HIPPA, as I've said isn't that what's it's there for'to protect us patients privacey from people MEDEALING in our private medical, that is between myself & my Dr, as long as I'm taking my medicine as prescribed & not abusing it, then Why does it need to be questioned, NOW if I was abusing the use, or asking for early refills, or something on that order I would perfectly understand why a Pharmist would need to question, but even then don't know that I would agree that they need my medical dignosis & medical codes,& other personal & private info, or question my DR on his treatment plan, It seems there' are a lot of upset people about the invading in the medical with the patients, the FMA I understand is looking into what Walgreens is doing, it's not fair to patients who need there med's & have to go only to Walgreens, thank God I have & can go some place else. :sigh


I ment to say in my last messsge but battery was dieing, had to plug in, but the response that the person anonymous made in regard stating that the pharmacist is the same as the Dr & as you can see very much thinks they have the right to call the Dr office & ask their 50 questions & tells Dr's how to do their job, but thank you , if you are in the HIPPA field, could you plse tell me how we could privately touch base some how,plse. Tk you.... :eek


LadyScot, LadyScot, LadyScot:

What is your problem? Do you intend to take on every pain patient in the entire United States for needing drugs as part of their medical treatment?

What is your problem? Do you honestly believe every person in the United States who picks up narcotics are drug addicts and/or sells their drugs on the streets?

What is your problem? Seriously, why don't you get out of the profession of helping to dispense drugs? You are nothing but a hateful, jaded wannabe who could care less about the people you are supposed to be helping.

Why don't you just keep your motely opinions to yourself? Do you feel it incumbent to tell off everyone? S T O P, you mean hateful ***.


When will people learn there are procedures for filling controls. They can ask you Dr any thing they want pertaining to your diagnosis.

If in doubt call DEA or as you said Morgan & Morgan. I sit here and read same complaints over and over.

If by now people haven't figured it out just because a Dr wrote script does not mean its getting filled. Everybody continues complaining about Walgreens, get a clue and stop trying or GO somewhere else!!!!


My heart goes out to Walgreen's person. I have been in the exact same position as your self and it is no fun, especially if you are in chronic excruciating pain.

I have driven 6 hours trying to get in one of my scripts filled. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia which no one seems to have heard of but on-line it's described as the most painful malady known to modern medicine. I say this not to minimize what you are going through but to relate. I see you live in FL as do I and this were all this chit started.

Pill :( :( mills started all over the east coast of Fl fake MRI's given on premises, Doctors trading oxycodone for sex and so many crazy things I won't even bother you with writing it down. So of coarse the state and Fed started making it almost impossible to get pain meds filled and everybody is an addict. They just now started using a computer system to make it possible for any pharmacy to check any other pharmacy to see if your Doctor shopping OMG can you believe it. If you can't get one RX filled how you supposed to even do this.

Waste of time. Pharmacies Doctors, the Government etc need to realize there are real people out there with real pain and who are not addicts. I went to Walgreen's once with a minuscule dosage for a Fentynol Patch I believe it was 12.5 micro-grams. I was already prescribed 100 mic but he wanted to try and bump me up a little.

So I walk in this Walgreen's and some twit lady was behind the counter was acting like I just ask her for the launch code of the US ICBM's missile silo. She hemmed and hawwed for a while and said straight to straight as our faces me and said "I don't feel comfortable filling these for you" I didn't know whether to break up laughing or break down crying. She was so funny I DON'T FEEL...I mean she just called my Doc. Well I started to figure out a plan One was to use mail order pharmacy many hospitals have them only problem is it takes a day or two and secondly check your friends or friends of a friend.

Basically what ur trying to do is find someone who works in a hospital and knows your not playing games. A lot of hospital workers know each other and if both the pharmasist at the Hospital and an nurse or whoever else you may know or get to know better know you are not once again playing them for a fool You can get a script filled there you may not be able to get through mail order I have been able to get all my Pain Meds filled on time for the past couple years. Just because we are suffering from falling down an elevator shaft of an unfinished building and at the bottom the shaft literally gives you the shaft (a dear friend) or crushed discs or something that fairly rare and no one has ever heard of it the pain is real and we are not bad people and shouldn't be treated like a bunch of pain med seeking addicts.

Hope this helps and you are not alone. :(


I seen your reply weeks ago but just getting back to you, I know what you mean about the action of those @ Walgreens & I'm like yourself with the chronic pain issues & also have the pain patch as well, I have went else where & WON'T give another dollar of my money to Walgreens, jus wonder some of these posting & taking sides with the actions of what they are doing is the Pharmist themself, makes you wonder, I know I'm not no drug head or junkie or out selling my med's jus some-one wanting to TRY to have some sort of a quality of a life style of productivity, & that's it. The pill mills, extort for Sex, like you said & the selling on the Streets, cause people will go to the Dr ,lie & get the script & then swap it for another drug of choice or sell it to the street dealer, I seen a show on a under-cover that they caught the lady & her street dealer, these actions are what's crazy & unfair to the REAL hurting patients,,so like anything else crooks ABUSE & the real people who are suffering' suffer more @ the hands of others actions,'' plse you do be careful with the mail order, for there's a lot of counterfiet med's & also there is also drugs being laced, also you can go to the smaller pharmacy or the hospital pharmacy & don:'t know if you have where you live but there are pharmacy's in the buildings of the Dr's office or the Pavillions where a lot of Dr's office by the hospital, it's the traveling I know, but once they see you'll be regular they do try to help to have it for you, good luck, & thanks for your non negitve & clean worded reply :grin


:grin I also ment to say in my message to you that's it is understandable for Walgreens to confirm with the Dr's office if there's a question the srcipt is ligit, a valid one, if they see its warranted, but with the ability to check on the Dr shopping from the procedures they have in place now, the overboard actions & mistreatment isn't called for, not to mention the other pharmacies manage just fine without all the rudeness, & invading of a patients privacey, the DEA hit Walgreens for a HUGE fine by there OWN actions for there own carelessness & they are judging & mistreating others @ the hands of there own mistakes because they' weren't doing their jobs. of checking the script &the distributing mistakes from the distribution center, so now they want to cover every act with FDA DEA sense they are being WATCHED, so now they tell you its DEA not them, look up the law-suit, go under lawsuits against Walgreens, it was tge largest ever.So NOW they treat you rude, invade in on our medical, try to tell Dr's how to do there job, & question Dr's calls & treatment for tgeir patients, but thought you may like that info, good luck. :p :p , ,)


Doctor's offices sharing patient information with a pharmacy is NOT a violation of HIPPA. Both doctors and pharmacists are healthcare professionals.

Pharmacies now need this information documented to ensure the appropriate dispensing of medications to show the DEA if they come asking why particular medications are dispensed.

P.S. nice spelling/grammar