La Marque, Texas

Walgreens states in writing on their lifetime guaranteed products "100% satisfaction or your money back." I bought a thermometer for the whelping of my pedigree German Sheppard *** in the next day or two and it didn't work out of the package. I went back to the store, they didn't have a replacement and they wouldn't give me back my money even though I had my Discover transaction number because I didn't keep my receipt.

It was a Walgreens branded product guaranteed for life or my money back!!! Where in the *** did they think I bought it???

I called corporate customer service and they were "sorry for my inconvenience", couldn't pick up the phone and solved the problem and told me "someone would get back to me next week." Well my pups will have already been born by then so I had to go to Wal-Mart and buy a thermometer that was twice as good at a fraction of price as the non working peace of *** they were selling at Walgreens. Walgreens will never see another cent from my family as long as I live.

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I bought their whitening trays cause I didn't feel like overpaing for the brand ones... yeah, I wish I had spent 10 more and didn't waste my time.

It's written on the box the trays fit erfectly.Well, I do have some problems but I'm not a shark or monkey, I've seen way worse. Still, the freaking trays don't fit. I even tried clinching my teeth and sticking tape onto my lips, ha! Only then the trays do not jump out.

The thing is, you still got to spit somehow.

No chance of getting the money back - no reciept and I bought this pack almost a year ago.

Is there any way to make them stop frauding peaople with those *** money-back slogans???


I just called walgreens toll free number for the money back guarentee. Not only did I get a VERY rude woman I also found out for the last two days I had been taking a medicine that does not even pull up in thier system!!

No wonder my symptoms never were relieved! To top this story off the rude #@% woman told me that I should have went to the dr for a simple cold instead of buying the medicine in the first way to sell walgreens dummy.

Never again will I ever step foot into a walgreens! Who knows what I have been putting into my system!


i have goten 3 differnt times these air freshener and ever time half way threw the can the stop working i thought it would just happen to one can and the next to times i went to use them the same thing happens i feel that i keep wasteing my money i will not buy this again they are the 9 oz cans :( :(


If it was a Walgreens brand product, they should have replaced it or refunded it for you. However, without a receipt, all they could do is to exchange it or issue a gift card.

The register will not allow for a refund any other way without scanning a receipt. Since Walgreens carries about 15 different types of themometers, surely they had something in stock they could have exchanged the old one for.


Maybe next time buy him a gold plated thermometer

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