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11/2/18 Walgreen's Sterling Heights, MI Cigarette purchase forced driver's license scan PRIVACY INVASION


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Happened to me here in Dallas TX. Because I refused for them to scan when can manually put in.

Was denied to buy. I'm 54 years old.

@Mark Vacco

Young man, you're VERY WELL PRESERVED! I would have taken you to be about 17 years old.

What's your secret?

Don't tell me, is it the Booze and Tobacco that is keeping you looking so young? Is it the Junk Food and Sodas that you drink all the time?


I spoke with a manager and the Wallgreens memo regarding scaning IDs is : If the customer requests not to have ID scanned they may manual enter DOB


A Walgreens employee at Homestead, FL told me that their policy is not to sell cigarettes or alcohol if the customer don't show drivers license even if old age is obvious.


What is so special about yourself that you think so many people want to steal your identity?


Because the do Steal use identity ! Boy what rock do you live


Boy oh boy do I agree as well. I called customer service and complained.

I will not be shopping there any longer. Bad policy!


Belleville Mi 11/06/18. 71 years old and I refused to let them scan my ID! I went elsewhere


And the cashiers thank you.


You should have stopped them from scanning it and gone elsewhere for your smokes.


I agree with you. They shouldn't be hassling people who are obviously old enough.

And the underage people still are managing to get their booze and cigarettes, while the senior citizens are being turned away. That's life.