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I am traveling to Europe this month.

On August 29, I ordered 2 BinaxNow at home Covid test kits which I need to test (under Internet supervision) before I can get on a plane to return to the US. showed these in stock. A couple of days ago, I receive a free gift package from Walgreens for buying the two test kits.

Today, September 3, I grew concerned that the "in stock" test kits had not arrived.

So I called

The first person I spoke to was -- to be kind -- incompetent. She couldn't find my account until I gave her my phone number, email address, and street address. Then she said I have TWO accounts, but she showed no orders recently on either account. She offered to send me the two test kits free.

Shortly thereafter I was disconnect and went into their LONG, LONG customer satisfaction survey. Strike ONE.

I called back and kindly asked to speak to a supervisor. The man said, "OK," and I waited quite a while.

A lady picked up the call. I asked her to confirm that she is a supervisor.

She said that she is not. (Honesty is nice.) She said that there were no supervisory on duty. It was about 7:40 PM. So the man who said he would transfer me to a supervisor just dumped my call into a waiting queue.


The lady found my account and the order (which documents that the first person I spoke with was incompetent). She said that the order had been cancelled by Walgreens, and she said that they had emailed me to that effect. She said that the order was cancelled because the tests are out of stock, which is NOT what their website said when it confirmed the order. (In fact, they HAD sent an email a few hours earlier that I had not yet seen.

They had cancelled my order FIVE DAYS after the sale was made.) Apparently online is using archaic technology since they confirm sale of "in stock" inventory which they don't have in stock and then wait FIVE DAYS to tell you can won't be delivering what you need. STRIKE THREE. She offered to transfer me to their escalation department.

After yet another wait, I had to give all of my information today. The lady was very polite, confirmed that the order had been cancelled because they sold as "in stock" what was, in fact, NOT "in stock." She offered to try to find the product at a local store.

She called back a bit later and told me that two test kit boxes were being held at a store about 10 minutes from where I live.

So I drove there, the pharmacist handed me two boxes, I paid at the front cashier, and drove home.

When I got home, I opened the bag to read the boxes. In fact, they were not what I had ordered, and these test are NOT ACCEPTED by the US for reentry. STRIKE FOUR.

Walgreens is a pharmacy. For all intents and purposes, they gave me the wrong medical test kit.

I don't see how this is much different that giving someone the wrong medication. There should be policies and procedures in effect to assure that a pharmacy (and a pharmacist) deliver what is ordered. Apparently Walgreens lacks those policies and procedures OR their people don't adhere to them rigorously.

So, tomorrow, I need to return $50+ of useless tests to Walgreens. I found a place online where I think I will get the tests in time.

If not, I am really screwed.

I will have to spend time on my trip finding a CDC-acceptable test site in a foreign country and get tested within 72 hours of my return flight.

My advice to potential or current Walgreen customers is to find a company that (1) can deliver what they claim to have "in stock," (2) employs competent people in the call centers, (3) won't transfer you to a peer when you ask nicely to speak to a supervisor, and (4) will actually deliver you the medical supplies you need rather than a look-alike that won't suffice.

Walgreens was zero for four on these metrics. Do you really want to trust important things to that sort of company.

aloid oiAvoidAvoid

User's recommendation: Avoid Walgreen.

Preferred solution: I will return the product they provided tomorrow. If there is any resistance in getting a full refund, that is what I seek..

Walgreens Cons: Lack of care for patient or customer, Pharmacy is constantly messing up, Total lack of consideration for customer.

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