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today thanksgiving 2011, I went to the glasgow ky walgreens to purchase some of the advertised specials . i ask the elderly lady in the photo shop if she would unlock the sd cards for 2 of the 2gb cards she states there is a limit to just one per customer and I told her there is no sign to stateing there was a limit, not hanging in the store nor in the advertisement. we went to the checkout out where Mr.POOLE was and he stated," We HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT WHAT EVER WE WANT." in order to provide for our other customers i didnt ask for the all of the cards i ask for 2 .

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #761488

You should call the 800 number on Walgreen's receipts :) or go to the website. Our managers rule is "Just make the customer happy and take care of them".

Sorry this happened to you. We would have honored your request at our store.


Don't tell her, she thinks she's on a roll! At least the text will be too small for her to find on the flyer.

Let the *** stay ***. We're not a site to rehabilitate them.

to Shhh Brooklyn, New York, United States #761490

That's rude and unnecessary. We are not in the business of upsetting our customers.

Management can make just about any arrangement necessary to help out a customer. I don't think asking for two would have been too much that she couldn't be accommodated. Who do you think you are to make fun of this woman? How many times have YOU missed small print or read the rules of a sweepstakes or website agreement thoroughly?

People are human and they're not always diligent in searching out every single word in connection with a sale.

Give the lady a break, sheeh! :roll


If you look at the Walgreens ad, in the back in fine print it DOES state that stores can place a limit on the merchandise.

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