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One time at Walgreens I had bought a bunch of items that had cash back by mail rebates on them. I also bought some other items in the same purchase.

One of the other items rang up the wrong price, so I had to go get a refund on it and they circled that item on the receipt. Then I sent in the receipt with my rebate forms filled out and then weeks later I got a letter from Walgreens saying that they were not going to give me any of the rebates because the item that I had purchased that had rung up the wrong price had been circled on the receipt and refund written to it.

That was the last time I ever tried to do any of that rebate crap from Walgreens, and they lost alot of business that I would have given them because I was very pissed off that they didn't honor my rebates that I sent in. Also, I stopped going there because every time I would go there, just as soon as I would enter the door, they would go over the loudspeaker and announce to the whole store: "Security, Scan And Record All Areas Please!" and I would be the only customer in the store many times when this would happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Since it was returned and rang up at the correct price you would of had a new receipt showing the item being purchased. What did you do with the new receipt? That is the one that you should of sent in for the rebate.

to ab #1605373

All of the items that were for the rebates were listed on the receipt with the item that she circled and wrote refund on. The new receipt didn't list any of the products that were for the rebate.

because they all rang up the correct price. Lesson Learned: Buy the items with the rebate separately than any other items.


They get ripped off all the time by people wearing backpacks, so that's why they get so upset when someone comes into their store wearing one. My local news had a story about a gentleman who was caught on tape stealing 3 big bottles of liquor by stuffing them into his pants. The owner of the store said that so far this person has stolen over $2,500 of liquor this way and that now he has had to put in a all new advanced security system, and he said that the liquor that has been being stolen is now under lock and key and that customers will have to ask the store employee to open it for them if they want to buy some them.


You only have yourself to blame by going into the store with a backpack on. They weren't really calling security with that message.

That message was aimed directly at you to let you know that they had your number and knew that you were going into their store to steal. If the shoe fits, wear it.


Walgreen's now requires a license scan to purchase spirits no matter your age. Apparently they don't trust their human cashiers to read the DOB so they require that you remove your license from your wallet or purse they then scan.

Not only is this a waste of time and an unnecessary invasion of privacy but discloses Walgreen's moronic corporate management.

I did say a few words to the cashier who said I wasn't to first to question their policy and that I can purchase elsewhere. I will certainly take her advice for all Walgreen purchases in the future.


You should stop drawing attention to yourself and not act so suspiciously when in a store. Plus, returning items AND sending out for rebates, all on the same receipt, is quite odd behavior as well.


that's why you should have purchased the rebate items in a separate transaction from the other items. it is what it is.

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