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Purchased at set of 3 - $10 X-Box gifts cards that were in the case with no evidence of ever being opened. Was told by Walgreens clerk that if we had any problems with the cards, that they were not responsible, and we would have to call the phone number on the back of the cards.

Took the cards home and opened it and proceeded to scrape off the grey covering the hidden codes. Then went into X-box to enter the codes so I could purchase some items in X-Box. To my surprise, the cards within the case, all three of them, came back with a message that "the codes were previously redeemed". This from right out of the case.

No ideas on how they could have been redeemed before we even opened up the case, but they were.

Surprise, surprise, there is no phone number on the back of the cards, so all I could do is return to Walgreens with the faulty cards. Night manager had no idea what to do, but could not replace or refund or cards. Went back to speak with the Store Manage the next morning, and she could not do anything to help, but did put in a call to headquarters to get a phone number to call Microsoft to get assistance.

Unfortunately, they didn't answer the phones on a Saturday morning, so I'm stuck for the weekend, and probably am out the $30 paid for the cards. Lesson to Me, Do NOT buy any gift cards from Walgreens Stores ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Walgreens Pros: Location.

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Bottom line with gift cards, no matter where you buy them: alot of people make a living out of using technology readily available to scan even locked up cards to get the code numbers which then then use or sell them to others. There is a large market for them.

Best thing to do is simply not buy any and use your own credit---I say credit, not debit---card for purchases. Having and using a debit card is just a disaster waiting to happen as the money comes out of your bank immediately, unlike a credit card.

Some stores, like Walgreen's apparently, understand the scams and theft going on with gift cards and thus disclaim any responsibility. Best to avoid these stores for all shopping, given that attitude.