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A year ago with 16 years as a Walgreens employee I would have qualified for 10 weeks full pay disability and 12 weeks half pay disability payments. I have to have a knee I will only get 2 weeks full pay and 10 weeks half pay......I would like to see the people who made this new ruling go back to work after only 2 weeks on a new knee.

Since the blending with Boots of England we have gone straight downhill. The Bloody British! Our hours are cut and our workload is the same.

We have less help management wise also......I long for the Walgreens I hired into nearly 17 years ago. It used to be a great oriented......but no more.

Reason of review: employee treatment.

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I had to get my knee replaced, I called to report a new claim. The gentleman said I would be covered, regardless of not working 30 hours a week.

Also wasn’t covered by FMLA because my 52 weeklyaverage was less than the 1250 hours to be covered. I called to ask did they get my documents that were required. The girl said she got 3 of 15 papers funny none of the medical. I questioned that, and wasTold it took 2-3 hours to transmit to their computer.

I could file a appeal but that could take 45 days to let me know.

I would be returning back to work if approved. Four years there and they give you nothing for it but a cheap pin for your service Time to move on