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Picked up prescription. Got home opened and found was short

( 22 ) pills.

Called pharmacy right away and they said a manager would have to look into this. Got a call back in a few minutes saying it was counted by a machine, but I had initials that was supposed to mean it had been verified. Manager could not tell me if it had been counted or not. Said inventory was correct...

How could that be ? Could not show me or tell me how they do this count or where the spread sheet even is.

When I asked who looked at camera,she supposedly followed it on camera and said she followed it to cash register up front.

Well, we picked up at window.

Someone is stealing drugs at the

Walgreens on Rayford Rd in Texas. There should be a law regulating inventory.

User's recommendation: Go to CVS or your local pharmacy. Walgreens does not have any safeguards and will not make anything right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Pros: Store location convenient.

Walgreens Cons: Refusal to honor price.

Location: 560 Rayford Rd, Houston, TX 77386

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they messed upprescriptions. the care how many times you have to come back, didn't care i had an elderly mom in the carw , caring for alone.

they change brand of medication, change doses VERY INCOMPETENT! always some issue.

the automated service does not know what the pharamacy does. very rude uncaring employees


It's not the employee or manager's fault you're into a hurry. Maybe you stay home all together.


Walgreens solution after contacted main office. CALL THE POLICE ON THEM !!!!!


Good Question..... It was a controlled substance.

I believe the machines are mostly reliable. This is a small pill and they should have an inventory. When they went to check camera, she did not even know my name, script number or the time I picked up.

Came back in about 10 minutes . Beleive they just blew me off....


This might seem like a dumb question. Is it a smaller pill.

For the most part the machines are accurate.

There are a few smaller pills it is not always accurate. If it was a controlled then it also has to be counted a second time.