Hobbs, New Mexico

Walgreens on Turner in Hobb, NM


They shorted me 20 out of 60 pain pills, then when I went back and asked them about it, A guy behind the pharmacy counter named Thomiston (or something like that) offered to just give me 20 to make it up. I said" It's a controlled substance you must count them to be sure, There should be 20 extra in your inventory! You cant just hand them out." So he counted and then told me, " We are short by 67, but I'll supply your missing meds and then try to deal with the shortage." I handed him the bottle, he went off to add some , then came back and handed it to me. When I got home out of suspicion I counted them, and yes he did not put the missing meds in there. I went back and complained, he said something like, "too bad". I threatened to call the FDA or DEA and he said "Good luck with that".

So I called the NM board of Pharmacology and Walgreens fraud line to report the incident, they did nothing , didn't call me back, apparently they don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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Pharmacist at Fond du lac flat out told me she thought I was taking too much Tramadol, and withheld my medication for 37 days contrary to the doctors directions of 30...really? I didn't see m.d after her name.I will never give them another dime of my hard earned money ! :?

Honest Scoop

Something similar happened to me 10 years ago with my pain meds at the Target in Glen Burnie, Maryland. My prescription stated that it was for 20; when I got home, the bottle stated 10.

I went to the pharmacy and complained, and they told me that they couldn't show me the prescription once they've processed it. So, I called the Bowie Health Center and was transferred to a nurse, and after I explained that I wanted to confirm the number of meds I was prescribed, she didn't get my file or cross-reference anything to look it up, she said, "Well, what was the doctor's name?" and I told her, and then she responded, "What was it for," and I told her, and then she just blurted out, "Oh, no, he wouldn't have prescribed 20 (they were 500 mg codeine) THAT many for just broken ribs. I was done with them after the 4th day and I was in absolute agony because I had a cold and kept coughing with my broken ribs. What a pain monster.

So you are right with your assumption that it seems that no one is accountable, which is strange, because we are talking about pain meds. I also know in some cases, they are all "hush-hush" while they conduct an investigation into it. I never pursued it because the darn nurse wasn't helpful enough to open a chart confirm it, and I was in too much pain.

I was sooo glad when my coughing ceased 2 weeks later; my ribs hurt that whole time and then some. I am sorry to hear that you had a similar experience of the unexpected loss of needed pain meds.


This happens everywhere...Krogers did something like that to me. I ad just had spine surgery on the way home the person driving put all 4 scripts in the drive thru and was told it would be a half hour..I know the girl at window recieved all four because she said do you need all four of them filled..When I went back low and behold they said they only recieved 3 and the missing one...You guessed it Oxycontin, which I had never taken before...tha pharma. said she has never lost a script in 23 years..I said look in your techs purse..that where security found it


It's not that they don't care. They just don't believe your "addict" story.