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My fiancé fills the same prescription every week. Today, after a 1 hour wait for this prescription, noticed pen scribble on the prescription bottle.

He showed me the scribble that seemed to cross out the quantity. Together , we opened it, to find it was missing 5 of the 18 tablets. Five missing tablets that are considered a controlled substance. Immediately , phoned the pharmacy & turned the car around.

(only pulled out of parking lot) He was told they would count the pharmacy bottle. We both went into pharmacy& were told that they counted all medications & the count was correct. All meds. counted within 5 min.

time? My fiancé asked who can he speak with to file a complaint? He was told to come back tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow when everyone goes home?

If any theft was involved this gives employees more than enough time to conceal it. I have heard rumors while waiting during other visits of consumers being shorted prescription medications. I now know these prob. weren't rumors.

Count your meds before you leave. I've called the company's customer service hotline and was promised this would be investigated & I'll be notified with the results.

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I picked up my prescription today at the Walgreens at N. Virginia in Reno and I was 30 pills short of my prescription of Percocet.

when I called the pharmacist they told me they would check their cameras and count their supply and of course they told me that their account was accurate.

so I was out of 30 pills I was supposed to get a 150 but only got 120 they refused to make it right or replace them. I don’t or know what to do now.


I just noticed Ivybee shorted 90 pills but I think it’s because of the way the prescient written. It’s read “Take 2 pills twice a day” (which is 4 pills a day) but they filled it as 2 pills a day. I’m going to the pharmacy tomorrow to get this straightened out.




Just happened here, 10 of my 20 oxycodone for back pain are missing, even though the bottle is marked as 20. This is a big problem.

to Jim #1691695

They shorted me 30 today I have my oxycodone’s.


I was shorted 46 pills of Plavix this morning by Walgreens. My prescription is for a 90 day supply.

they emailed me three times telling me it was ready, I drove through and picked it up. Got to work, and took it out to take, and it says on the bottle and bag there are 90, but I could tell that there was less than half. Immediately counted and then called the store.

Was told that "mistakes happen" and to come back later today and they would have the rest ready for me. What a crock.


My prescription for adderall has been short twice. The first two were about a week to a week and a half short, i hadn't bothered to check because I usually use CVS and this never happened.

I didn't notice till the end of the month but we still let them know. I just picked up another prescription and I am 4 days short.

You can bet this time I am going to raise ***. This is unacceptable.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1252193

I have had the same issue. I filled a rx for 50 pills.

When I got home, and took a pill, the bottle seemed low. I counted and determined my rx was 20 pills short.

I called the pharmacy and was told there was nothing they could do. Now I have to wait 4 days before I can refill and am out of medication until then.


This just happened to me! My local Walgreens just shorted me 5 pills of my Adderall prescription..I opened the bag at home just now..about 20 min after picking it up and it's obvious the bag is intact - 2 staples, receipt on outside (1st staple closing bag, second staple for receipt)..so 5 pills missing?

Two days worth of my medication?! Gone. Hmmmmm..how did that happen? Of course, the Walgreens pharmacy is closed now..bet tomorrow when I go in they won't give me the 5 pills they either accidentally miscounted or straight up one of the "pharmisists" stole from me.

I guarantee they will never admit this kind of "mistake" for a "controlled substance". Oh yeah, did you know if you've been diagnosed with whatever disorder and your doctor actually, physically prescribes you NECESSARY MEDS THAT TREAT YOUR MEDICALLY VALID DIAGNOSIS..that because the treatment involves a "controlled substance" (in quotation because it's ***..controlled by the feds, so..awesome, because the FDA super cares about mental illness or whatever and has always been so supportive and progressive and..BRING MONEY), that for some reason you are automatically considered at the very least "suspect" or "watch out for them..even though I gave my medical diagnosis..as a doctor, whatever..still..I'm not held responsible because I might lose my medical licence because the feds and insurance companies are really cracking down on this stuff"... So, yeah, seriously count your pills the minute they give them to you at the actual pharmacy and COUNT YOUR MEDS PEOPLE because..what? Oh the 22 year old behind the counter..the "pharmasudical assistant" who got their Associates Degree online, yeah..they MAY have STOLLEN YOUR MEDS.


PILL. Or die.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1190463

Same shot just happened to me but with 6 pills of 30mg xr

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1275313

I just refilled my script for 5mg oxycodone at my Walgreens in Jamison Pa, came home started to sort them out in daily pill box and yep, they shorted me 3 pills! These sneaky drug addicts behind the counter get free meds, by stealing from us and then have the guts to look at you like you're an addict even if you have only taken them for 2 months after major surgery!

Hey FDA...POLITICIANS.....look at these people before looking anywhere else!

The drug situation in American is totally screwed up! Just another way to screw the hard working public!


Same here, only I get about 15 prescriptions a month. The present the prescriptions to me already in the bag already stapled.

So there is no way to check it all. One bottle was missing. Atripla. A $2500-$3000 bottle.

They would not own up to stealing it. -- Sunnyvale California 2015


My son fell off a roof and was injured badly. He was given a prescription for pain medication from his dr.

The prescription was filled at Walgreens. When he counted his pills they were 10 short. Called walgreens only to be told there is nothing they can do. The people there are rude , hate their jobs no matter if you are using their pharmacy or shopping in the store.

Count your pills in front of them before you leave. Better idea is DON'T SHOP OR USE WALGREENS PHARMACY.



I had my meds filled at Walgreen's on Fillmore and Nevada here in Colorado Springs, both times I was shorted meds. I was shorted 7 the first time and 19 the following month.

It was the same med two months in a row. The first time they offered to review tape and count vault, only took them less than 10 min. I doubt they even did check it. The second time I called they didn't offer to check into it, just became very nasty and argumentative.

I reported it to my doctor and filed a police report. I had only counted my meds the last two months, lord knows how many others months I was shorted.

I can not do business with a pharmacy I can't trust. I suggest other people stop filling their meds there too.


I went to the ER on Friday night and was admitted, I had abdominal surgery on Saturday afternoon at Presbyterian St Luke's Hospital to remove a very diseased gall bladder. I was discharged this morning at 9:00 am. I immediately went to Walgreen's to fill my pain medication prescription and home. I am extremely sore in the abdomen and advised to rest to recovery for 1-2 weeks.

I dropped off my script for generic Percocet from my surgeon, Dr. Moore and waited for it to be filled. I then came home alone, had a pill and slept. I was alone all day with the bottle in my possession. Tonight at 7 pm. I went to take my second dose of the medication and realized I only had 12 pills left. My prescription was for 30 pills.

My prescription was shorted 15 pills. I called in to ask about it thinking maybe you were short and had to order more and didn't tell me. I explained the situation to Angela. She was very rude. She asked if the number was circled on the bottle and I said yes. Angela stated if the number is circled the bottle has been double counted, it is a controlled substance and I am lying to get free pills. I was very offended and asked to speak to the pharmacy manager. I explained my medication would run out by Tuesday and I needed this resolved immediately. She said there was no one else to speak to and the pharmacy manager would not be availble for a week and a half.

I asked for the district manager, or region manager. She put me on hold and never picked back up. After 14 minutes on hold, I hung up and called back. I got Seyna on the phone. She was nice but refused to fill the prescription. I told her I was not satisfied and asked for the manager. She transfered me to Vy. Vy apologized but said he wasn't in charge of the medecine. He said all he could do is have an inventory count. I said great count the pills. He came back on the line and stated there were about 15 extra pills in the inventory for Percocet but Seyna the pharmacist was skeptical of me and refused to fill the prescription. I stated, I already told you before you counted that I was 15 pills short, you counted and found approximately 15 surplus pills in the inventory and you still think I am lying?

I asked for the region pharmacy manager. I was given the name Brian Wilson at 303-794-3220. I have left a message but have no response since it is a Sunday.

1. I need the remainder of my script filled. I paid for 30 pills and was only given 15.

2. I cannot believe how rude your staff is. I was told that I lied and I was a pill seeker.

3. I am less than 24 hours out of surgery and need my medication and shouldn't be treated this way to come in and pay for products and services in your store.

4. Please call me at 303-746-9913 and send me the remaining medication.

I am also forwarding this incident notes to the FDA. It is a crime to skim medications on prescriptions, for employees to skim medications.

Janice Newberry

to Janice, Walgreens Mississippi #940211

Janice, did you ever get this resolved?


to Janice, Walgreens Mississippi #1363845

I have also had my prescriptions shorted by Walgreens. Not just a one time experience either and all have been with a controlled substance.

One time it was 1/2 short...30 vs 60. But there have been 5 short on my monthly script at least 5-6 times over the past few years. As recommended...COUNT EVERY TIME. They will "say" their "system" is always right and no errors occur.

Not true.

And "systems" make errors all the time. Don't give them that much free credit,


this happened in Jacksonvile FL


They did the same thing to me and it was the first time i had used that location but had never had an issue at my usual walgreens i called as soon as i got home because the seal was broken on my box and 10 were missing. There was a lot of confusion at the time and this one tech took my meds around the corner and didnt even make me sign the form i usually sign.

i called as soon as i was home but they called right back said count is good. I asked to have a manager call me back he reviewed the footage and said there was no issue that day but it could have been stolen days before and since the box looked sealed no one checked it or the guy who walked off with it grabbed some after the fact. I know that the reason they treated me bad was because my medicine is for treatment of addiction the manager was rude sarcastic and treated me like a criiminal. I researched and this is a common issue at walgreens and some dont even have cameras where counts are done but they will claim to .

I will never go to walgreens because of this and its a shame because the meds i pay for are very costly and they will lose lots of business. I sent a complaint to corporate but i dont anything will be done because i have heard from friends that pharmacy has a reputation for doing that and the meds im on are sold on the streets for a lot of money.

Its really sad when a Pharmacy continues to allow its employees to steal and accuse the customers. PS you cant get high off my meds its an opiote blocker so makes no sense for me to lie.

to mamac***7 #918843

Same thing happened to me but in Amarillo,TX. I assume your talking about suboxone?

I went to pick up my 56 got in my car for only long enough to count them, counted only 26. So I went back in and told them they acidently shorted me 30 strips. I wasn't even out of the store for 30 seconds. The pharmasist said he was going to have to call the manager to watch the tape.

The managers name was chris. He comes back after 5 mins and says he reviewed the tape and saw the pharmasist give me all of them. So I told him I wasn't leaving till he let me watch the tape or till they counted what they had left and they would see they had 30 extra. When he refused both I called 911.

The cops came and I told them what happened. Long story short they tell me they are going to take Walgreens word over mine. That's when I broke down and tell them that I'm 2 years 8 months clean and this med is why. I tell the cops I'm not leaving till they do their job of protecting and SERVING.

I begged them to search my car my body whatever they had to do to believe me. But none of it happened. Another thing that made no sense to me is when the cops were talking to me chris came up and said that a machine counts them out. I looked at the cops and said he just said he had to watch a tape of the pharmasist counting them.

So now I've called the DEA, Texas rangers, the local news, and the Walgreens HQ. Which the Walgreens HQ was no use cause they said they'ed call back in 2 days and it's been 10. I also made a police report and sent it to my dr hopeing to get the extra 30 because ill run out of the 26 I did get two days before Christmas. While all this happened though the whole staff at Walgreens was rude.

A bunch of *** is a better way to put it.

So much so I wanted to wait for chris to get off so I could beat the *** out of him. Anyways did u send your dr a police report or what did u do to get the ones u didnt get?

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