Kansas City, Kansas

Went to the Walgreens @ 39th & Broadway in KC, MO. I had my arms full of items because there were, typically, no baskets.

11 people in line with ONE cashier at the front of the store. I saw the photo clerk chatting with someone behind the counter and I asked her if there was another cashier she could call. "I a cashier ri here, cain't you see me?". I answered that yes, I could see her, but that I had asked if there was another cashier she could call.

She told me to watch my mouth - she "don half to hep" me. Ok. But could you please just get me checked out? She told me flat out to SHUT UP "cause I don half to hep you!!!".

She's right, she doesn't. I shoved the *** I was purchasing on the floor and, after trading with Walgreens for over 30 years, I walked out for the last time. I have shopped at this particular Walgreens for nearly 5 of those 30 years, and of the 100 or so times I have been in there, I have LITERALLY only had TWO experiences that were even nearly pleasant. The pharmacy sucks - my scripts are NEVER right.

They have a "consultation" window where they refuse to speak to anyone, and they make you stand in line behind all the people picking up their scripts to merely drop yours off. Every single person there with the exception of the lady in the makeup department is RUDE to the extreme - and I can COUNT ON being ignored or outright TOLD I won't be helped because I'm not dark enough to warrant the assistance of the minimum wage ninnies who work there.

I transferred my scripts to CVS and, for the first time ever, muttered the "n" word to myself as I left the store. I really believe racism is encouraged by the management there, because there is no other reason for these cretins to be unkind to a middle-aged woman over some fabric softener and a tube of toothpaste.

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You sound like a toddler having a tantrum... I would have treated you the same way if I were that clerk. Can't wait until your age group finally dies off, ya miserable old biddy.


*** hog. You are the one encouraging racism you ignorant waste of space.

What justified muttering the 'n' word to yourself? You just invalidated your entire post by including that. FYI your age group is the worst to deal with as customers.

So entitled, so crochety. The rest of the world can't stand you, honey.


I am wondering why you didn't just take your things to the cosmetics department? The other thing is that it is store policy for the front cashier to call for backup when there are more than 3 people in line.

If the photo clerk talked to you that way, you should have, at a minimum, insisted on talking to the manager.


I would feel the same way if some rude cashier said she "don have a hep" me...

It sounds like the whole store is just terrible, but thankfully my local one is great - it just seems understaffed. Usually there is one cashier (they have 3 or 4 registers), and another shows up as soon as a line starts building up in the front.

I never see anyone near the "Consultation" window, much less even see a need to have it there if they never use it. There is usually a person over in the photo section...

I cannot give an opinion about our Walgreens pharmacy, because I use locally owned businesses for that...

I would ask whether you have spoken to a manager, but from the sound of it the management "don hav ta hep" you, either.

If I ever go through the area, I'll be avoiding that Walgreens.