Detroit, Michigan
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I am a avid Ocean Spray Cranberry juice consumer I purchased a bottle of cranberry juice,Walgreen's Grandriver in Farmington MI in January

2011 it was out dated for August 2010. The juice was pungent to the taste and left me with a feeling of indigestion and nausea.I didnot puchase juice from the store again for months.

The store is convinient because it is close to my job.Failing to look at the expiration date again, I purchased another bottle.drank it,same pungent taste this time I vomited. Expiration date on the bottle Aug 2010.

what is going on? I will never buy another bottle of juice from your store and I E-mailed the manafacturer that I can not longer trust their product because of the continuos negligence on behalf of your store,your store gets my vote and is here by inducted into the hall of shame.

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Although, it is horrible that any store is selling expired products, dont you think you have some responsibility to check expiration dates before you purchase? The first time, I can kind of see, but twice?