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Was given gift cards for Christmas, two being a "Day Spa" gift cards. When I looked up the services online, there were no spas in my city that accepted these gift cards.

I went to Walgreens and spoke to the manager to see if I could exchange them for a different gift card, he said no. I explain that there were no services offered in our city and asked why he would sell a card that was useless. He said because it is sold in other Walgreens in cities where than can be used. That doesn't help me.

I will shop at CVS for now on, I can't believe that Walgreens wouldn't exchange these useless cards. He said I could sell them on ebay!

Thanks so much!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Meadow Vista, California, United States #769134

Cry me a *** river! oh, I can't use a gift card because there isnt a location within my radius!

how about hold onto it and go somewhere that does take it?

nope, must hold the retail store responible... first world problems.


You will find that there are quite a few gift cards set for every store in the country, regardless, if it can be used in the local area you reside. Still, corporate requires it to be at all stores, nonetheless, no exceptions.

Gift cards, phone cards, and any form of electronic cards cannot be exchanged or refunded at Walgreens as per notice at the display as well as it is their return policy and has ever been their policy. Even if they wanted to return or exchange it, there is no actual way to let the system do so. And no, it's not as simple as taking money out the drawer and giving it to you. They would lose out on that money because they can't do anything with the gift card.

The fault is really on the person who gave you the gift card because they made the decision to purchase it for you, not Walgreens. Why should Walgreens lose out on money when it isn't their problem?


Why do you have such dip s.hit friends/family to give you these as a gift? How is this the stores problem?

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