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The ingredients in this product can be researched in thousands of publications on herbal remedies and amino acids. Some work for some people, some for others and some people may benefit from this particular combination of ingredients.

AS FAR AS THE brands go, JUST ABOUT ANYTHING CARRIED BY AND ACTIVELY PROMOTED BY WALGREENS IS BOUND TO BE MADE OF THE MOST IMPURE (CUT WITH UNNECESSARY HARMFUL OR TOXIC INGREDIENTS) DILUTED TO DECREASE PRODUCTION COST AND decrease EFFICACY, and/or untested, unresearched mishmosh of natural ingredients in their most impure, cost effective, processed form resulting in either NO IMPROVEMENT of condition, or unwanted side effects, or other health detriments. Walgreens and all products they actively promote are the handiwork of the AMA, Big Pharma, Double-dna SERPENT HELIX ON FALLEN ANGEL SYMBOL, CHAMPIONS OF THE Medical branch of the ILLUMINATI, with CVS, DUANE READE and Rite Aide falling closely behind. This is why they market, promote and sell FLU VACCINATIONS from their locations. Agenda, to make you sick enough to fatten up big pharma's pockets but kill you off before the age when your Medicare might kick in, say 67 or so.

Name of the game is DECIMATION of population. Do your own research and find reputatable companies at local healthfood store or online. For example: HerbPharm, Gaia, Herbalist&Alchemist, NOW, Country Life, Solaray, Silver Lungs. Don't be lazy and buy this premixed, commercial mega drugstore chain garbabe.

Do the research.

It doesn't take long to be your own healer. Cheerio

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Commercial.

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Are we talking about cheerios or Somnapure the other retalers are under less regulation so they probly dont list everything. And its not like they are making in stockroom, they are made by a legitamate company that has to pass FDA regulations un like some companies. You dont want buy from retailers dont, and move back to England.


Forgot to say, that even if the full ingredients listed for Somnapure seems on the level, the duplicitous sales and marketing practices of the company that puts out "Somnapure" (can't recall the name at the moment) of tricking people into monthly debits to their credit cards/bank accounts for forced monthly shipments, is ALL one needs to know about them. A company with such poor ethics in sales cannot be trusted to list all of the ingredients nor can the quality of the ingredients be assured.

It's a red flag. It's common sense. I.e., If you hire a housekeeper and the first day you meet her she STEALS your wallet.... are you gonna let her work in your house??????

Most of us use the pharmaceutical industry poison at some point or other usually when we're in a hurry to alleviate symptoms; but with the knowledge of the possible adverse effects, we can then take pure herbs and supplements to counter balance until such time as the pharmaceutical industry becomes HONEST. To this day, no product promoted by the big chain pharmacies, is as pure or effective as those put out by the natural herb and nutritional supplement companies. In short, anything promoted by Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS or Rite Aid is SUSPECT.

And that's how it is. CHEERIO


No my friend, you're the Walgreens or Big Pharma shill. I don't work for any health related agencies.

Whenever someone calls you Big Pharma shadow government types out on the carpet, you respond with this type of comment. I just want people to learn to take care of their own health and not rely on the reckless, poisonous agenda of BIG PHARMA. Anyone can look up the ingredients in most commercial over the counter medicines or supplements and see there's ALWAYS some toxic *** included in there. It's part of the Illuminati philosophy.

But ya'll are losing the battle now. CHEERIO.


Sounds like someone that works for one of the companies listed at end. How do you know how Walgreens products are made or tested. Either someone is paranoid, or this is a infomercial.