I "use' the store at FM 1774 & 1488 in Magnolia, Texas. I didn't want to use Walgreens because I've been there and done that with miserable results.

My insurance forced me there from a mom & pop pharmacy that I used for close to 20 years and was very happy with them. The Walgreens gripe for today is lack of medication availability at this store in that they don't have what I have been taking for years, namely pioglitazone and clopidogrel, in this instance. There have been other instances with the samer "results" at this store but this is the lack of medication that broke my back. I went to the doctor on Monday the 27th of April and the refilled medications were sent to the store on that date.

As of this morning, the 1st of May, these two medications are still not available at this store. ??? These are "common" medications so WTH??? What is the hold up?

Supposedly a nationwide chain of stores and these meds are not available or what? Poor, poor, poor are the words that sum up how I feel about Walgreens! And not just this store either! I've had equally poor results at other locations around the Houston area and that's why I would choose, if I had my druthers, to not patronize Walgreens for anything period.

My mom and pop pharmacy always had what I needed. How does this work?

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else if you can.

Location: Magnolia, Texas

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