I used a Walgreens in Buckeye Arizona at 23477 W Yuma rd. I was getting ready to have surgery, my surgeon gave me approx.

5 scripts to fill , one of those medications was a pain med. I went through the drive through and dropped the scripts off with the Pharmacist named "Sam" aka Javvaji, Sarinivas. When I went back to pick up my scripts they told me I never dropped any scripts off , accused me of lying. Her name was Nadirsha, Soryor.

I then called my doctors office to have new scripts written and I was told they could but not for the pain medication! So what was I supposed to do? I found out the hard way, when it comes to pain medication... You are treated differently and no one believes you ready dropped them off, or that you ready did recieve them.

So now my treatment was delayed because "Sam" made a error! And now people are accusing me or being a lier!? So Amelie Lewis ends up finding my scripts in a folder and they were never scanned by Sarinivas Javvaji. The only reason that happen was because I refused to leave until someone fixed the problem.

Now this happened at the end of April 2013. Now on July 10th 2013, I went to pick up scripts I dropped the day before. I spoke with a Pharmacist named Siri on the Sat. Before about my prenat vituimans.

Siri assured me that she would make sure to fix what needed to be fixed so I could pick them up on Monday. Well I get there and Sandy Lee the Pharmacist, she informs me that only 3RX's are ready to be picked up. And my scripts iv been waiting to pick up... Well their not ready because they did have the doctors info.( which was giving when I dropped of the day before ) but no one called me to ask , no one called the doctor to get the info needed NOTHING.

I asked her to call the doctor and Sandy Lee refused telling me she doesn't have the time because there are other patients that need her help... Are you kidding me I said to her and I started video recording her and ask her to but that on the record ! But she refused to repeat it on camera... And she called the police on me, had me served in the drive through with trespassing and refused to give me any of my medication even the ones she had ready!!!

She then wanted the officer to make me earase the recording of her! So once a again a delay in treatment and when I asked for there corp. office contact info... The manger of the store wrote down the wrong number!!!

The head RX MGR at this store is Annette Kerc. I'm at a loss of words...

What can I do to report this?? Please help me , this has got to be against the law!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #699575

Yeah I know this Amelie lewis Has little regard for the feelings of others and manipulate others in order to get what they desire. The term “sociopath” is no longer used in psychology and psychiatry, and the disorder is now called “antisocial personality disorder.” People who have this disorder often have no sense of right or wrong and many only receive treatment when forced to by the judicial system, an employer or family member. The disorder is relatively rare, with approximately 0.6 percent of Americans affected, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.


I stopped reading this complaint when the genius couldn't spell liar or prenatal vitamins.


You do realize once you are not on public property, you don't have the right to videotape people if they don't wish to be, right?


Blame the Government for making your medication controlled and for penalizing these people for it. They can get arrested if they fill it for you without being 100% sure.

My local Walgreens pharmacy took the time to explain it to me and it's not really a mystery. Even things like Ambien take special precautions.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #679224

You sound like a hypochondriac. If you are young enough to be pregnant you shouldn't be needing so many medications, and if your health is so poor that you need all these medications, maybe you shouldn't have gotten pregnant.

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