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My understanding is customers are supposed to wear masks in Walgreens. What about the employees?

I went to the Walgreens on Raeford Rd in Fayetteville, NC ( # 2605) on Saturday, Sept 16, 2020 about 8:04 and the checkout person had her mask around her neck. Not wearing gloves and the Plexiglas shield was to the side in front of the register but not shielding her from customers at all. Don't forget her mask was around her neck. This is beyond stupid and dangerous.

I will not be returning. Clearly, employees don't have any supervision or perhaps she was the supervisor.

I cannot ID the employee but my total was $ 70.35 at 8.04 PM, store # 17862.This at a store that dispenses medications and health products. Ridiculous!Don'tCarla Merritt

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Yes, employees are supposed to wear their masks properly when with a customer (I work at Walgreens), but the Plexiglas is from corporate. They are ridiculous.

Someone could knock it down by sneezing on it. We aren't supposed to wear gloves, though.

That employee definitely should've been wearing their mask properly in the presence of a customer, but I tell you what, those things are a pain in the *** Don't give them such a hard time. You should have just asked them to pull their mask up if it bothered you that much.


They are afraid to approach customers not wearing masks in their stores which is terrible business practice. They are supposed to represent good health and safety, or are they driven by money only?


Oh, they are completely driven by money. They force us to wear this masks (or we will get fired) yet they don't think we deserve hazard pay.

They have even cut hundreds of hours and letting go of multiple people so they can save for money. You thought we were understaffed before, but it's cut to bare bone.

Walgreens doesn't care about their employees. All they want is their yearly executive bonuses.