Tampa, Florida

I purchased Heeltastic from Walgreens and was hoping for positive results, what I got instead was less than satisfactory. First of all, the smell of Heeltastic is enough to repell anyone including mosquitos.

More importantly, this product made my heels red and caused intense itching and burning. I would not recommend this product to anyone including someone I disliked.

I would also like to point out the bottoms of my feet are not in poor condition by any means, just a little dry that's all, I get pedicures every couple of weeks or so. I have gone back to my old routine of applying cocoa or shea butter on my feet and that seems to work well.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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It Wasn’t the product that smelled it was your feet because you didn’t wash them idiot


I've used this product for years and I have none of your complaints.


You are mad.i LOVE this product.best I've ever had. Every time I'm in the states I stock up.you must have think skin


I have just used my first container of heel tastic with great results. It has a small smell but it is of camphor.

Nothing bad and it does not last. I put it on before working out in summer when my heels dry out and crack. I keeps them nice and soft.

Works great. Hard to find around my area.


I love it made a great difference on my feet. Have been looking for it since Rite aid stop carrying it


I love it made a great difference on my feet. Have been looking for it since Rite aid stop carrying it


Walgreens doesn't make Heeltastic; why complain against Walgreens? Walmart sells it too, as well as hundreds of other stores. And if you're allergic to it, just try a different product.


there must be something in the thing that u r allergic to , bring it back , i can tell u that i use it and i love it , the bottoms of my feet wore really bad and they really cleared up in like 2 treatments , ,and my hands were so dry i even bought 1 for my hands and that also worked , so i recommed it to customers it they r looking for something for dry feet , R U in mass, i hope u weren't 1 of the ones i suggested it too ,,,,,,,,sorry


Heeltastic is a great product. "Stay Away" may have sensitive skin but my dad and I both use it and it is wonderful, It is not a cure for it, you have to keep using but makes your feet "prettier" by minimizing cracks and dryness.

For $10 it is worth a shot for you, promise.