here goes my wife has a life long medical condition from no fault of her own and she wishes not to be afflicted as anyone who has such a condition but for the way she is being treated her affliction requires pain medication she has to be treated like a common drug dealer or get black balled from walgreen because she tries to fill her script on the correct date and has an argument with the pharmasist about the date which was on the day her script was to be filled say shes not comfortable filling it even though the exact same person filled it before chooses not to where did the pharmasist start taking the place of her doctor i havent went and sat in their offices and i dont think my insurance bills them for their diagonosis concerning my wifes health and so my wife disagrees with the pharmasist and is now blackballed from filling her scripts because they got their *** caught over filling medication so much as to recieve an 80 million dollar fine my wife hasnt had so much as a speeding ticket but yet get the police called on her because she confronts the walgreen pharmasist for lying to her and denying her her scripts that were all legit and she has never filled out the *** good faith despencing policy that now blackballs her from all walgreens so i guess they can just do and say what they want and choose whome ever and their little creedo of do no harm is total *** what about my wifes pain after denying her her meds so she has and had to suffer just because the *** pharmasist doesnt take the care to take the time to just look up her medical past right in their computer which show how long which doctor if its local and all pertinate information but just because she takes a certian pain medication its an automatic stigma which is notright if my wife were a not so nice of personshe should sue this *** corporation for deffamation of her character but she show that she has more character than the leading retailer of pharmasucicals in the us look its not that *** hard to tell the difference between joe blow who doesnt have a history of medical problem versus some on who does and you have to get a certificate to be a pharmasist what a joke just do what the script tells you dumb *** because the next *** pharmasist who muake my wife suffer because they decide her medical needs with out bieng her doctor and not a wanna be doctor posing as a pharmasist is going to be sued if it takes the rest of my life and every *** penny ive got your *** corporation has its own stigma like the greed that has now put good people like my wife in a situation through the choices your company made and good people have to pay for your choices may all of your loved ones be stricken with a life long medical problem that requires you to *** walk a *** mile in her shoes and just maybe youll see what your *** choices have done to you only if i could be there to see the *** look on your face when your loved ones are crying to you saying where do i go what do i do now all the while they are suffering and clogging up the emergency rooms just because your pharmasist doesnt feel comfortable may you rot in *** for your choices and thenillfeel comfortable and your corporation is going to *** off the wrong one and it will be your undoing and the sooner the better so *** YOU WALGREENS

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Buckeye, Arizona, United States #692174

Holy run on sentence! :eek

Seattle, Washington, United States #684784

Love how you went on a long unstructured rant. Also love how you wished sickness on my family because of one persons inconvenience to you.

Richardson, Texas, United States #680336

You sir sound like a "Total Fruit Cake".Your wife is probably taking her pain med's to close together.By the way you posted this post,I can understand her pain.It is not the pain from her illness,It is probably the pain from hearing your mouth all day long.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #680319

Your poor grammar, lack of capitalization, lack of using paragraphs, etc. doesn't exactly make your complaint credible.

That being said, why isn't your wife doing her own complaining. Let me guess, you are like my "ex" who thinks he was the only one in the family smart enough to do anything. This morning on TV I heard something about the fact that pharmacists are being clamped down on for filling too many of certain types of medications. I didn't get all of the details because I didn't get in on the beginning of the program.

I would advise you, before you go around sounding like a complete maniac, to do some investigation.

Pain can be controlled in ways, other than medication. I use self hypnosis and I didn't take classes to learn it, I taught myself.

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