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Been buying the hubby Walgreen's brand protein plus shakes for months now since he can't eat due to the wonderful side effects of chemo and radiation...

Last night (10/26/2014) I go in to get more before the awesome sale ends...

I get to the checkout and I am NOT allowed to buy the Strawberry ones!

I asked the cashier who knows me quite well what's up?

She replies with the mgr will be out in a minute...he knows me quite well too, yes, I'm great to have in your checkout line (seriously I am)

He then explains to me they have been recalled and on the "do not sell" list and he's unsure why...ok, so much for variety...I get more chocolate instead.

I come home and decide to Google it...I find NOTHING so I called customer service a lil while ago, awesome lady, very helpful and told me all she knew...

They have been recalled and quarantined since MAY 2, 2014!!!!!

Yea, I am pissed....They were on the shelf last week, one was still there this week...

Now I am on a mission to find out exactly WHY since nobody seems to know...

My hubby has it rough enough dealing with Cancer, being unable to eat and living with you take his Strawberry drink away because it's recalled..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Reason of review: recalled product being sold.

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Yes, I dare you to work there one day....quit being a ***. We all understand you are going thru a nasty situation.

Employees do not know about a recall until they scam an item and the computer will indicate that it cannot be sold. There is no reason given to the employee as to why.

If you have others at home that are in the recall--return them. Quit blaming Walgreens for your situation and call the manufacture of the product.


It was only specific lot numbers, if it went thru the register then you have nothing to worry about. I'm sorry no one explained that to you

@work there 1 day I dare you

Did you not read this??

"I get to the checkout and I am NOT allowed to buy the Strawberry ones!"

It's the fact I had some at home that WERE on the recall list...before you dare me to work somewhere read my entire post please.

Nobody has yet explained to me why they were recalled...I understand things get overlooked, we're all human.

I have zero complaints with that store or the people that work and manage it.

I'm sure as much as I go in there they would have told me had they themselves known why it was recalled.

As far as you telling me that you dare me to work there one day?? Well, I'm sure it would be much easier than doing what I've been doing the last 8 months...