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i was with walgreens some years . the where always so friendly ad helpful .

. almost to good to be true . on the last prescription i had filled by walgreens pharmacy . on hancoak and del prado .

in fla. on the 9/4/8 i ran in to a problem . a few month before that date . i started to have problems with walgreens pharmacy .

and culd not think why ..i had to wait 5 hour for my prescription to be filled . another month the woman did not want to fill my presription . . someone reported that to the news .

there where people always waiting . another month i was told it will be 1 hour . when i got to tte counter . she told me .

no i told you 2 hours . i argued . all of the sudden a man came and handed to me my filled prescription . .

i had another prescription for morphine it was to early to get that filled . since with my last prescription i waited 9 more days to get it filled . i was told to be back on the 10/2/18 to get it filled i went to another walgreens pharmacy for a couple of month now since i am having all those problems . it was a much longer drive .

when i got my oxycocone filled that day . i went home . took 1/2 something seamed differen .i waited 4 hours and took the other halve . i never take a whole pill .

i am on those prescriptions for 12 years .. the same with that 1/2 . i thaught i will stay away from those pills . and just rely on my morphine ..

after 5 days i thaught may be this is someone elses prescription . i went on the internet checked the numbers and shape . color . it was oxycodone .

my prescription . now i felt better . but something made me count them . i counted them and came up with 137 .

there should be 150 . i counted again . 137 . less the one i took .

5 days before . i counted again .. 137 . cant be ..

i counted again . one by one . 137 . 11 pills where missing .

someone at walgreen pharmacy stole 11 pills out of my prescription . i got in contact with walgreen at once . he told me he will look in to it . .

he emailed back . the inventory was alright. that proved 11 pills where stolen by a walgreen pharmacy worker . otherwise the inventory would have 11 pills over is a shallenge .

those pills bring a lot of money . the pharmacy workers do not have to steal from walgreens . the have a much isier way to get those pills . stwal them out of peaples prescription .

and when a customers comes back and tells i am missing a few of my pills . the where called liars ..we dont make mistakes .so people keep quite.. but not me . i emailed back .

something has to be done about the counting of those pills in front of the customers . he told me again .he will talk to the right people. these are not aspirins . these are narcotics .

getting in to the wrong hands can be fatal . and i need every pill i get . i have 2 very bad knees and a bad back . so .

when i went instead of the 10/2/18/ to get the prescription filled for the morphine i went on the 10/4/18 . i had an appoint ment with my doctor to get my shots in my knees . told him about the messep up daies.. to put both prscriptions on on the same day ..

it was the 10/4/18/ so i went. to that other . pharmacy . where the where so friendly and nice .

filling my prescriptions for month now . i handed to her my prescriptions . and my ins. and my licence .

oh she said .i can not fill your prescription .. your licence is expierd . i told her you dident see that last month ?or the month before ? my licence is not expired .

its retired . i am not driving anymore . i drome my last mile on the 6/26.18 you have nothing else to do with my licence . except to see my mug face for id .

that is it . again she said i can not fill your prescription . your licence is expired . i took my prescriptions went to another pharmacy and had them filled .

now i know and remember why i started to have all those problems with walgreens pharmacy workers . the where trying to get rid of me . i opend pandoras box and found big problems.. i never counted my pills before .

always trusted walgreens the nicest people . one day . while i was witing to get my prescription filled , a woman along site of me ask me . did you ever count your pills ?

i said no . i trust walgreens . the are to nice . .well she said you should ..

after i got my prescription filled i went to the one counter up front . acroos the one at the door . emptied the little container and started to count . a woman at that other counter was watching .

i told her . i am counting my pills , i see her leaving her counter . she went back and told them at the pharmacy what i was doing . that was when all the problems began .

me counting the pills , the count came out alright. but thinking back . i had been missing pills , when i had some over from the month before . the next month i was short .

and could not figure out why . i got a book every day i write in what hour and what kind i take , . so it looks like it happen before , but like i said if i would have gone to walgreens and told them i am short . the call me a liar .

..but 11 pills is just to much . it could be . 11 more and 11 more if i dont say anything now . i dont know what the do with those stolen pills .

but it has to stop . one way or another . i emaied that guy again . and ask him .

is that the way you get rid of customers who open pendoras box and found more trouble for walgreens pharmacy ? by telling me . my prescription cant be filled . becouse my licence has expired..

my licence is my private property . walgreens is only allowed to check my dob and look at my face .

nothing else . what tat woman did there at walgreens pharmacy is against the law and illigel..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Walgreens Pros: I enjoy the employees there very happy and nice.

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i only hope there is a salution . so that pharmacy workers at walgreens can not lay their hands on dangerous narcotics .

stealing them out of peoples prescriptions . how many times has this happen before and noone complaint about . if the would have . told the pharmacy .

i am a few pills short . the call that customer a liar . .we dont make mistakes . if at inventory count .

pills are left over . then that was a mistake made . and that can happen .. but not ....

if the inventory count comes out right . and 11 pills are misding .

then those pills where stolen . out of a prescription .