Saint Petersburg, Florida
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I have been going to the same Walgreens for 18 years now. I have been taking pain medicine for 10 years now due to chronic pain.

I have X-rays and doctor proof. We got new pharmacist just recently and I went in there the other day to fill my script as I due every month. The new pharmacist said they had what I needed and Monday they had to call my doctor due to new rules with Walgreens. So they called me Monday and some lady I don't know she was a floater that day said that Walgreens had decided to stop giving me this medicine anymore.after getting it from them for 10 years.

No explanation or anything.

They know how bad it is just to not have pain medicine anymore and how dangerous it can be. She needs to be fired from being a pharmacist.

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Naples, Florida, United States #613188

What drug? Pharmacists go to school like doctors do to become pharmacists.

You don't just walk in off the street and get hired. Every pharmacist is required by law to deny any script they feel is being used in any way other than intended.

It is the pharmacist license ans their jail sentence at risk. NONE will risk either for your little bit of money.

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