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This is where we, as citizens of the United States, have allowed our rights to be taken away. This suffering is due to this horrible drug war (war on american people) If I take steroids, I become mean and anxious, ephedrine is the only thing that keeps me from drowning in a puddle of mucus and labored breathing.

First, they took away pain medicine, now, they are trying to smother people to death. Ephedrine for the illegal drug trade is smuggled in from other countries, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR MEDICINE. And what is it with every time I go to shop at walmart, I have a drug warrior in my face. This needs to end, REPUBLICANS will not solve your problems, they are the ones who keep this drug war nonsense going.

STOP THE DRUG WAR NOW : Too many innocent people are suffering. Stop making laws that punish the sick to protect the stupid!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Due to overzealous drug warriors, we asthma patients are suffering. RESTOCK PRIMATENE TABLETS in the 37918 Knoxville TN area.

Preferred solution: Stop punishing the innocent sick people to protect the stupid!.

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Walgreens Oregon City just put it on the shelf the day I walked in (Dec 28) after it had been taken off the shelves for a while. So grateful PMist was there.

I really needed it bad!!

The politics of keeping drugs from people who need them has to stop. Thankful Walgreens had it on the shelf.


What rights? This has nothing to do with Walgreens and more to do with mental illness


you have to ask for behind the pharmacy counter