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If you are on a state sponsored assistance (like the disabled), Walgreens can not fill your prescription out-of-state because they operate each store as it's own little profit center. As compared to other nationwide chains that can bill a prescription and send it to another store location to be dispensed.

Oh, but Walgreens would be happy to sell you the medication at full list price, because they don't offer the service. -And- the won't sell you the medications early so you can take them with you -or- allow them to even be picked up two days early so they can be sent next day to you. In addition, they conveniently, never allow you to talk to a real person that knows anything (they will be happy to call you back in two days - leave a message and never call you back). But if you try their corporate numbers you can't ever seem to speak to a real person there either (unless you ask for Investor Relations - but they won't get you to anybody that can help either).

From the corner of Happy and Healthy to the site of Can Not and Will Not.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Cons: Customer service, Way they hide from complaints.

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All stores are connected thru intercom software. They can see every script dispensed at any location on the central database.


If you are on a state sponsored insurance you cannot use it to fill a prescription at any pharmacy out of state . It has nothing to do with the pharmacy it is your insurance .

You can pay cash for it . Secondly , there is no pharmacy that can bill your medication and then magically allow you to go to another location and pick it up for free. Lastly , a pharmacy is a business not a nonprofit . It needs to make money.

It cannot just hand out free pills and IOUs.

It costs a great deal to operate and has a lot of laws it must follow . Please educate yourself before going on a rant .


To use any state-sponsored healthcare such as Medicaid, you have to be in that state to use it. Some places that are border towns with other states can get approval but if you try to use your IL insurance in GA (just an example) then you are SOL and will pay full price, regardless of which chain you use. It's really not that hard to comprehend, why would GA taxpayers pay for your medication if you live in IL???


Same experience. Go somewhere else!