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On February 17, 2011 went to walgreens at 10:20 PM. Store hours are posted open until midnight.

All lights were on in and outside the store. Stand alone pharmacy signs were out front. Highway lights were on. Doors were locked.

A group of about 15 people gathered out front and wondered if all was well inside the store. Knocked and called out no one answered. Finally after waiting 30 minutes we called the police to do a well check as we were all concerned. Most of us left before the police came, however I called the store this morning and was told sorry we closed early, we had an incident.

An incident? How about a sign in the window ....Sorry, we had to close early ?????

Would have saved about 15 to 20 people alot of aggravation, worry and time. CVS next time around.

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first of all why are you still upset about this 2 years later? we are now in 2013, geez let it go.

I guess it would have saved you a lot of time and aggravation if you spend 2 years letting it upset you. Maybe they'll be considerate enough to leave a "Gone Fishing" sign on the door next time. You didn't no more care about if they were o.k.

you just wanted your cigs and candy bar at 10 o'clock at night. Get over it already.


sorry....2011 was a typo. should have been 2013.

Obviously you have never owned a business. The first rule in a successful business is always be open when you say you will be. Scattered hours of business doesn't cut it. And, no I was not going out for a candy bar (i"m a diabetic) or cigs ( I don't smoke) but I ran out of Tylenol and my 4 year old daughter had a 103.6 temperature.

The store's 2 hour early closing forced me to travel 10 miles away to purchase the Tylenol.

@country girl

sounds to me like you should have taken her to the hospital. But besides that, what are they suppose to do if they have an emergency?

such as family death or child needing help. I know they had to close down a drug store when i was inside it because the owner/pharmacist had a call saying his wife was in a bad accident and he needed to go to the hospital NOW! I told him not to worry about it I'm not mad I'll be back (he was shaking so bad i even offered him a ride) maybe thats what happened. you don't know all you know is they had a incident.

they are not required to tell you why it happened it's really none of your business. coming up here trying to get some people in trouble and threatening to go to cvs to buy your $2 tylenol is not going to scare anybody i'm sure they will survive


Some incidents are protected by HIPPA. A locked door is all you needed.


FYI HIPPA is a heath information protection act and has nothing to do with Walgreens. A locked door could also mean a robbery or an injured empoyee in the store. That's why so many people were concerned.

@country girl

FYI, I am a pharmacy tech. The HIPPA Privacy Act covers more than just your medical records. If the incident involved a customer or employee accident, that would be covered by HIPPA.

If the checked then you a;ready knew noone was robbed.