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If you care about your freedom and rights as a consumer, do not patronize the University Blvd Takoma Park branch of Walgreens. That store has a policy of asking customers to check in all kinds of bags at the front.

However, they do not ask ALL customers. I used to go there several times a week on my way home from school so I always carry a backpack full of books and I always makes sure I leave my bag at the front as they requuire. But I was getting pissed because everytime -- just everytime, I saw many customers carrying their shopping bags and backpacks around the store. I could not help feeling I was being targeted because Iwas Asian.

The store manager is White. Every other employee is either Black or Latino. Once or twice I forgot to immediately check in my backpack upon entering the store. As a result, I got yelled by a big, hulking Black woman associate.

At another time, the Latina clerk kept telling me that I had to give her back my backpack ( She gave it back to me ) and she'd keep it until I was ready to check out. This, while I was already at the front of the line. I am not saying Blacks and latino clerks are racists. But this particular Walgreens has a very sinister climate inside.

One can feel the hostility of the workers.

The White manager is so unfriendly. I used to seee his face tightening up when a ethnic customer approached and ask a question.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I am unhappy with Walgreens' policy of asking for backpacks. I am a senior and My backpack is also my purse and I don't intend to give up my valuables to a perfect stranger/clerk at Walgreens.

I was caught by surprise when asked for my backpack! What!! I plan to stop going there and so will the hundreds of dollars a month they made on my prescription drugs each month. Fortunately there are other normal pharmacies in the Seattle area with "normal" policies on backpacks.

I understand it's private property, but it feels like harassment. Walgreens has security cameras all over the place, along with their employees following you around like everyone who walks in there is intent on stealing from them??

Hostile environment folks! I'll happily take my business elsewhere.


If you are unhappy with the store, quit going there, problem solved.