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I got stuck in Ohio with a dislocated shoulder for 5 days because of these ***....I have EDS type III, which is a rare joint congenital hypermobility syndrome (1/5000-1/20,000 people). They would not fill my doctor's emergency script, canceled it without any explanation (which the pharmacist in Madison, Wisconsin said he had never seen happen before).

We're both high-functioning autistic (the artist formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome, thanks to the idiots who write the DSM-and this coming from a reformed psychology major turned astropysicist), so we had no clue that there was some sort of prescription drug ring in Ohio and were quite confused until a random customer and the independent pharmacist who filled a weeks worth to get me safely up to my Dr in Madison, Wisconsin explained it to us. IN any case, I had been walking around with the shoulder out for 2 weeks (also note that I cannot take ANY painkillers, not even aspirin), played 2 sets of heavy metal drums in one night plus practices (in NY) on it before finally going into adrenal shock in Heath, Ohio. The only thing they can give me for an acute dislocation is alprazolam, which gets the knot out of the joint that prevents the thing from relocating. I have no history whatsoever of drug problems, I do not get drug tolerance or withdrawal, and I've never had alcohol-ever-due to allergies.

They even went so far as to call my doctor and tell her I had been trying to fill my scripts early which is ***! Luckily, my doctor knows me quite well and knew it was ***, especially since many autistic folks (including myself) cannot lie. Anyway, what was supposed to be a 2 week tour to NY and back to Kansas turned into six weeks-costing us 300 bucks for the hotel and some ridiculous amount of gas and etc- I had to call the corporate headquarters FIVE TIMES before getting the promised callback, but I tell you what, those bastards are going to pay my *** hotel bill or they're going to have one pissed-off mad genius/metal drummer from NY on their hands, and generally, in my experience, anyone west of Pennsylvania tries to avoid pissed off New Yorkers at any cost.

Sorry for the rant, but I now have to support the household on about ten bucks for the rest of the months if they don't pony up. Anyone else run into something like this?

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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@Hellhathnofury! Ever hear this sound?

Waaaaaaaaahhhhh! You're blaming Walgreens for dumping your prescription meds, and blaming them for your dislocated shoulder? You play heavy medal drums and Walgreens is to blame for your dislocated shoulder. Hey genius.

First of all, we don't care if your autistic, artistic, or altruistic. You came on her seeking sympathy and you're not going to get any here. Second of all, your drum playing is what's causing your shoulder pain. Finally, why would you expect Walgreens to pay your hotel bill when you are the one that chose to stay there?

Who is the i d i o t that sat there for six weeks waiting to get a response from Walgreens? YOU!!! BTW, ALPRAZOLAM IS XANAX!!! It doesn't take the knots out of your shoulder, nor prevent another dislocation.


You have no case Mr. low functioning humanoid.


A self-proclaimed genius who can't lie. Right.


If your shoulders are so bad how could you play two sets of heavy metal drums, plus practices in one night? Something doesn't make sense here. Not all Asperger's Syndrom are what you refer to as high functioning.


Well that was a lot of "poor me" and hardly any complaint. People with Autism can't lie? *** And a self-proclaimed genius as well.