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My spouse and my self have been on pain medication for 5 going on 6 yrs.

We have been going to walgreens for well over 16 yrs and for the last year and a half we have had to hand over our medical records and sheet's with all of our personal medical issues to get our medications.

We have provided everything they have asked of us and still every month it is a fight to get our medication.

We have even dropped our doages so we wouldn't have a problem.

Now the pharmacies tell us we need to get different medication that our doctor should not be giving us this medication we don't have cancer so we don't need this medication and they have even told my doctor they don't like the people we get to bring us to the pharmacy that my spouse is to thin that her (meaning the pharmasit her self)mother had cancer and didn't get as much medication as we have.

We have major pain issues.

Broken neck,Back issues,fibro,spinal,etc.

I should not have to defend myself every time I go to get my perscriptions filled.

They have made me feel like some kind of junky.

We suffer every day and are about bed ridden due to the pharmacies playing doctor.

My doctor is board certifided and is a speicalist in her feild.

Please help for I don't know how much longer we can survive this madness.

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Naples, Florida, United States #784112

you are addicted to pain meds. admit it get help and move on with your life in a more healthy way.

to aa #1398550

How can someone tell another person they are addicted to the medication that their CERTIFIED DOCTOR prescribed? That's crazy!!!

to aa #1416954

You can not play Dr. or judge these people!

They're not addicted they may have become dependant on a rx. that's needed for them to resume their quality of life.

I have had 2 accidents, neither my fault, have 4 herniated discs which are now become severely degenerative. Plus I thought I pulled a muscle in my shoulder/arm but after no relief in 4 months had a MRI.

I need surgery due to a large bone spur growing inward, pressing on the tendons/ligaments that are slightly being torn with time.

My arthritis is so bad in my hands, that in the morning I cannot open a bottle, so I lay out my 1st pill the night before.

I have been on the exact same medications for 12 yrs. With only slight increases in dosages over that time. I am up and able to get the housework, cooking etc.

done bc of the medications.I take surprise drug screening tests that show I'm taking what I should & nothing else. That's Florida State law for being in a pain management program with a Specialist that's trained &certified by the state. The DEA reviews these Dr. s.

Many people have medical problems that require controlled substances to make life just bearable, others like myself can do more bc of the meds I'm on!

You need to educate yourself instead of making rash judgements of people! You ever smoke,drink or gamble and feel like you miss it? Or maybe you watch a lot of ***? Then YOU HAVE AN ADDICTION, Get Help!

I'm sure there are many that abuse rx.,travel to different Dr's etc. They will be caught. Most of the people who are in pain management are compliant with the rules put on us by the government, dea, Dr's offices, our insurance company and now the pharmacies which all have Instituted their own new policies! This is going above and beyond when after we follow our Dr's rules, state rules and our own insurance company's, who told me, (with my pharmacy on the line), that they are fine with me getting refills after Ive gone thru 70% of my monthly supply.

They have new policies as of January 1, so everyone call your pharmacist and find out what it is! I'm calling the appropriate agency to find out if this is legal!...and log a complaint. We go through enough hurdles, we don't need another and we don't need your uneducated comments or attitude!

You better hope you or a family member doesn't have to be in that position! Don't be judgmental when you know nothing of what you talk about.

to aa #1483628

AND you are IGNORANT of their issues. I read your post and you summed THAT opinion up in one frigin POST?


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #669651

The reason you are being harassed is because Walgreens has been sued by the DEA because of there negligence in filling "questionable" prescriptions in your area. They have to pay 80 million dollars in fines!

So now they are very careful about every person that fills there prescriptions.

It is sad that you have to pay the consequences for there mistakes. You should probably go to another pharmacy!

to curlygirl #669953

you are right that Walgreens has been fined by the DEA due to the over-dispensing of narcotics. However there is a 2-way street to this because it means that there are doctors over-prescribing these medications.

Of course they are going to be more diligent following such fines to ensure that those patients that present to the pharmacies with prescriptions for these medications (oxycodone, dilaudid, etc.) are written by legitimate prescribers and in "good faith" under the law. This is not only to protect Walgreens but also the individual pharmacists.....

Of course you can take your Rx to another pharmacy, but most retail chains will take note of what happened to walgreens (and CVS too) and realize that the way these medications were dispensed in the past is unacceptable to the DEA. It's not just a Walgreens problem.

to Anonymous #1416985

I have been refused a refill by a Publix pharmacy bc I picked up last month's supply on the 13th although it was written on the 5th of Last month! ...All bc they didn't have it, had to order it so I waited, had some at home in my purse if needed so wasn't worried I would run out they would be filling it any day.

(I have always made sure that I have a week's cushion bc of a couple of years ago I had a death in the family, rushed off and ended up running out. Had to see the Dr. immediately upon getting back in state after burying my Daughter!)

So I picked up another non controlled prescription on the 12th bc the pharmacy called, said it was ready, Publix filled my controlled rx Later That Same Day, could have asked me if I wanted to wait. I could have picked up all at once!

I had to call them the next day to check if filled, then went back unnecessarily the next day.

This month they refused to fill on the regular monthly prescription day, bc 'I must not have needed them since I picked them up so late the last month and would go by the new date of the last month's pick up '. It was a new policy as of January 1 of this year!

They said 'You're not the one being checked out by the DEA'!....I think they're covering themselves, bc patients have no choice to go elsewhere now & that's 1 more hurdle we have to go through.

And yes we are being checked out by the DEA at every step of the way!

If our Dr's are checked out by the Dea, and my insurance company didn't have a problem, we are on a state registry, why would Publix have a problem after going there for the same exact meds for the past 6 years! ? I'm logging a complaint with Publix.

This particular tech has been rude before when filling an eye medication. She asked me if I still wanted it filled (bc they wouldn't accept a coupon I had) then she askedwithout the coupon ' could afford it'!?

Other people were standing behind me it was very embarrassing. Other people were behind me when I was refused my aforementioned meds, referring to 'my narcotics' and the 'contolled substance' that couldn't be filled!

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