Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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It happened about 2 years ago. I had a very bad sinus and came to the wallgreens clinic.

The nurse told me that she is not going to look at me because she will go to lunch in 10 minutes and my visit can take longer then that. she did not have any patients when I came. I said that I barely stand, I had a really bad sinus. she replied that if I felt so bad I could sit and wait for her for an hour.

Instead of helping me she spent almost 10 minutes explaining that she can't see me because of the lunch.

I had to find medexpress where my visit took literally 15 minutes and I got my med. prescription.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #624188

You didn't go to a wallgreens, you might have went to Walgreen's. If you couldn't hardly stand you probably should have went to the ER.

This happened two years ago and you are just getting around to complaining. You must have been REALLY sick, for it to take this long for you to recover enough to complain.

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