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I see no point in contacting Walgreens's customer service department. After 20 years of calling and writing with complaints, I have yet to receive a response.

Yesterday I signed into a take care clinic at 245pm. The monitor informed be that (1) the nurse practitioner was away and would be back shortly, and (2) there was one person ahead of me. At 315 pm I asked the pharmacy staff if they knew where she was or when she would be back. I was told that they didn't know she had gone out,

Another 10 minutes or so, and I phoned 866-TAKECARE. I was told that the NP wasn't there that day. I asked why there was no sign to inform customers of this, and was told that 'this was a staffing issue.'

I replied 'No, this is a communications issue' , because the pharmacy staff should have been aware, and the store manager should have had a sign posted to notify customers.

She offered to give me the address of the closest clinic. I declined and hurried to a CVS minuteclinic.

This is why I stopped getting my family's prescriptions filled at Walgreens, even though there is as usual, a store closer to me. It is worth the extra time and distance to go to CVS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Have you spoken with a lawyer yet? If not please contact me.


You are the most cold hearted group of people I've ever seen. I hope you all go straight to ***.

Just an FYI. The autopsy and investigation showed the medicines prescribed to her directly counteracted with the medicine she was taking. She had disclosed all of that.

We won the suit. For all of you who even suggested we didn't love and take care of my mom - go to ***.


A law suit against a corporation as large as Walgreens would have taken at least a year, if not more. The original post was less than a month before she "won the suit" she hadn't even mentioned filing. I call shenanigans!


ignore the other comment I posted on the wrong one


There is no antbiotic with inhaler combination that causes death that a nurse practioner can prescribe from the take-care clinic. The lawyer would be a waste of money because the case would be over before it even started. If your mother was so sick that the nurse thought she should be moved to the hospital she would call an ambulance and even then your mother would have had the choice of going to the hospital or not..if a mistake was should concentrate on the specific nurse who treated her.