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My mother visited Walgreen's Clinic last week and was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis, Acute Ear Infection and low oxygen levels. She was given 2 inhalers along with a variety of medicine and sent home.

She died that night in her sleep. I blame it all on the incompetence of Walgreen's. She should have been referred to an emergency room. I feel that the mix of medicines that were given to her are to blame for her early death.

She left behind a grieving family who loved her more than anything. I've attempted to contact Walgreen's but cannot get a response.

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You should have taken your mother to the ER. Thats your fault


Your mother didn't need a referral to the ER ... If you felt that she was that bad off you were free to take her to the ER at any time yourself.

I'm guessing you didn't do so. This is not Walgreen's fault by any means.


***, people are cold hearted. I stand with this person.

A healthcare clinic is a healthcare clinic, and they should be able to differentiate an emergency from a non-emergency. Their medical knowledge should be more than the patients and their family. That's why it's a healthcare clinic. How can people be so heartless to blame it on her family, with no medical knowledge whatsoever.

If they diagnosed her with acute bronchitis, low levels of oxygen, and send her home with a handful of medicines; no way, completely unacceptable.

A paramedic should have been called, stat.


On September 1, 2014 I went to Walgreen's on Airways in Southaven, MS to inquire about a Shingles vaccination. (The effective date of my Medicare is 6/1/2013: the effective date of my supplemental insure through Humana is 9/1/2014)

I spoke with the nurse on duty and was informed that this shot was covered by medicare, therefore I received the shot.

Before leaving ask if she needed a copay and she said no, I owned nothing.

A month or so later I received a bill from Walgreens for this vaccination. I have two detailed conversations with them since that time explaining the events of that day. Now I am receiving threatening phone call, and being told it is a delinquent account.

I would not have received the shot if I were told there would be a charge. Despite this my husband began paying $15 a moth.

I was unaware of this and feel strongly he should not be doing that.

This is false misrepresentation, I worked in this field as a Compliance officer for years.

I know what I am saying.

If my credit is blemished because of this I will call my attorney, picket Walgreens and go to the TV news stations.


Healthcare Clinic is awful.

My daughter had sore throat went to have a check up, the nurse at Walgreen didnt even check but scared her to death and told her to go ER.

We all rushed to ER, three doctors run all the tests and not found anything wrong with her. They advised her to rest and drink. It cost $500.00 to stop at ER because of the Walgreen advise.

I tried to contact them many times left messages for call center but they are not professional at all. DON'T GO TO HEALTH CARE CLINIC @ ANY WALGREENS.


First let me say I'm so sorry for your loss, and I wish you and your family the best.

I went to the Walgreens clinic, where I paid 89$ just to see a nurse practitioner. I've had an outer ear infection for over a month but with no insurance I couldn't afford to get medical help, by the time I could my ear infection was very sever and I was in excruciating pain that went from my ear all the way into my jaw.

Also my ear canal was very swollen. I tried to tell the nurse practitioner all of this but she barely listened and just prescribed me antibiotic ear drops. She also told me she couldn't give me oral antibiotics because only penicillin is effective against ear infections and I'm allergic to penicillin, but as a person who has had ear infections from child hood I know this simply is not true, other antibiotics do work against ear infections! She also had to look up on her phone what kind of antibiotic ear drops to give me!!

So after a couple days with being in so much pain I was constantly crying I went to see a real doctor. Who told me I needed both oral antibiotics and ear drop antibiotics to get rid of the infection, he also said I needed steroids to get rid of the swelling. I highly recommend going to a real doctor even though it is more expensive. I do not believe walgreens clinics and their nurse practitioners are qualified to do much more than give shots and treat very very VERY minor ailments.

P.S. I also don't even recommend Walgreen's pharmacy, HEB pharmacy is much cheaper!

If you don't have insurance they will help you out, I paid 47$ for 10 days worth of antibiotics, a week of steroids, and 25 prescription pain bills! Mind you that's paying 47$ with out medical insurance help for all that medicine.


Right, but who's the dummy went to a Walgreens clinic instead of the ER for something that severe?


I am so sorry for your loss!! If I were you I would sue them!!

:( :( Seriously I hare wallgreen take care clinics!! They are unprofessional, the me the wrong diagnoses, proscribed wrong medication that made my conditions absolutely worse. Add on that, they just couldn't figure out how to bill me. They keep sending me the same bill over and over again ask me for the money that I have paid for already!!

I have to call my insurance company to find the claim that they paid for 6 month ago 2 times!!! Just unbelievable!!!

I swear I will never to the takecare clincs!


Ma'am because your mom did not appear seriously ill,She was.There is no need for you to blame "Walgreen's for your mom's death.Maybe if you and Your family had been a little more observing of your mom's problem's you and Your family could have been able to carry your mom to the "ER"Yourselves for emergency care.A person's look's can be very decieving.Age does not matter,Because babies die right.The way you sound you are trying to place blame on someone else,But before you place blame step back and Take a good look at yourself and Your family.I am sure the sign's where their.You and Your family just did not take heed of how ill your mom was.A walk in clinic is for minor problem's,Not major problem's.Sometime's their is no need to place blame as in this case.Since you were not aware of your mom's serious medical problem's.Why?Would you or a family member not carry your mom to "ER"Youselves?I do not want to add to your problem.But look at yourself first,Before placing blame on someone else.If you are thinking about taking action against "Walgreen's",I do not see any gain to be made.


Yesterday I went to a take care clinic in Brandon, Fl on Parsons Ave. and Rt.

60 with an appointment I made at 7:30 AM with the Walgreens because I was sick. I made the appointment at Walgreens site which I did not realize was a different site from the take care clinic. This site did not tell me to go to the take care clinic for an appointment. When I got there, they said I made an appointment with the pharmacy and not the take care clinic in error.

I signed in anyway and waited 1 1/2 hours and was told I would follow the appointment people. I signed in at 10:45 am and at 12:00 my name came up which meant I was next and in the mean time someone else came in and signed in 1 1/4 hr. after me with no appointment and the nurse called her in first. I asked why this person went in before me when she clearly signed in about 1 1/4 hrs after me and the nurse said it was her prerogative who she sees first and I had nothing to say about it.

It was probable someone she knew. There were some words exchanged and I left because I would not at that point have her prescribe anything because she is obliviously a nut and would not have my best interest in her heart. I was so upset with her that when I got to another clinic my blood pressure was 170/98. This is not how a medical professional acts and treats patients.

I would never spend another penny in Walgreens again. I live in that town over 30 years and my best revenge is word of mouth.

I will tell every person I meat never to go to the take care clinic in that store ever again. I did make a formal complaint to their corporate office and they are supposto to get back to me but I warn anyone going there that they take their life in their own hands.


I was also misdiagnosed by Maureen Gibbs in elk grove, Illinois.

These people are just doctor want-a-be's. The should not be practicing medicine!


C Sheffield why would you come on here put your thoughts and opinons up here then get mad at everyone else for giving you their opinion sweetheart everyone is sorry that you had to lose your mother but it might have just her time and not the fault of walgreens it's always easier to put the blame on others when we are hurt but you said yourself she didn't look sick or frail.I hope you find peace in your heart and know that they did what they were train to do it was up to her to get checked out further once she got the info the told her.


There is no antbiotic with inhaler combination that causes death that a nurse practioner can prescribe from the take-care clinic. The lawyer would be a waste of money because the case would be over before it even started. If your mother was so sick that the nurse thought she should be moved to the hospital she would call an ambulance and even then your mother would have had the choice of going to the hospital or not..if a mistake was made...you should concentrate on the specific nurse who treated her.


Get a life and quit trying to blame companies to get a free dollar. It was a freak accident and as said before computers catch lethal mixes and won't allow it. Im sorry for your loss but it is not their fault, this is why America makes me sick.


yes i agree, call a lawyer if you feel so strongly about the situation. sorry for your loss and good luck


Get a lawyer and sue then


o.O. You are a complete *** and know nothing about this situation. Butt out.


I'm sorry for your loss, but you are incorrectly assuming that it is the fault of Walgreens or the medications. Pharmacies don't fill scripts together that are "lethal combinations" - even if a human pharmacist didn't catch an interaction, the computer will.

If she didn't appear to be "that sick" why would they refer her to an Emergency Room?

Honestly, I am terribly sorry for your loss, but please don't point fingers of blame all around. That won't help you at all and will only cause you more pain.


Obviously you have no heart. I didn't say it was for Urgent Care.

My mother didn't appear to be that sick. My point is that they prescribed a lethal combination of medicines for her. I'm not a doctor so I don't know what you think I could have done for her. She was only 60 - not a frail little old lady that needed someone to take care of her around the clock.

For you to tell a grieving daughter that it was her fault is nothing but cruel. I hope God has mercy on your soul because you obviously do not have one.


The best advice that most people don't follow is this: if you are very sick (not a minor illness) you NEED to go to a hospital for treatment and not a store!! Retail clinics are NOT designed to treat patients who are very sick.

They do not even have a front office staff, there is only one NP doing everything with no support system. That is why they only treat minor ailments. So many people (out of laziness, convenience, time) choose to go to a store clinic and not their actual primary physician or hospital when they are very ill and I will never know why they do this. It is NOT the NPs fault.

A store clinic does not have the equipment and manpower a hospital of MD office does. So DON'T go there when you can't breathe, have chest pain, abdominal pain, broken bones, have a sick small child, etc. don't be ***!!! Also when the NP tells these people to go to the hospital, they usually say "isn't there something YOu can do?

I'm too tired, lazy, broke etc to go to the hospital). But those people are the FiRSt people ready to sue when something goes wrong. True story.

Go to the hospital, pediatrician or doctor! Retail clinics are for MINOR illness (cold, flu) ONLY!!!