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Walgreens sent out their benefits update for May 2009.In big letters it said "Combining Good Business Practices with Caring for Our People", which would lead you to believe they are going to improve employee benefits.

Instead it was about how they are taking away employees retirement medical and prescription drug plans. This will not just affect people who have just started but many who have been with Walgreen's for years. People who had been promised these benefits are now having them taken away.

One of the comments in the paper was, "Our goal is to reallocate our money to provide benefits to the greatest number of individuals at Walgreens." Does that mean the CEO, board members, and the upper levels or management?Hey Walgreens for a business that promotes families you do a really bad job for your employees!!!


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i used too work for walgreens.i had to move because of a domestic abuse.they knew that but they let me go for no reason.

now i'm trying too cash out of my 401k.can any one help me with that please...


At first when Walgreens changed from giving employees a Christmas bonus check to giving us a gift card to Walgreens we all thought that stunk.In retrospect at least we got our full bonus, no taxes taken out even though we had to spend the card at Walgreens.

After the recession hit, our bonuses were taken away yet the store managers and upper management still get theirs. How is that right? If you want to increase sales and morale give the bonuses back!

we have to use the card at.Walgreens so you will eventually get the money put out for our bonuses back.


I started with walgreens back in 1996 as a stocker. I got promoted from within. I held many titles my last one being MGT-Assistant Manager.

I had never been disciplined or written up for anything in 12yrs. Then

someone calls the hotline or lps and states that there are employees

working off the clock. Lps comes in and does his investigation and

alleges I'm the one working off the clock. He didn't do a good job investigating. He had employees write false statements putting me at the store after hours. I tell you this cause the employee who wrote a statement, which I have a copy of it, was working at another store on the day he says he saw me at my home store. Go figure!! I told lps I have never worked off the clock but he made it personal and wasn't going to rest until he got me fired. He did but didn't have the guts to fire me himself, he had my store manager do it. I was told by him by phone that I was fired for being dishonest not for working off the clock. I told him he couldn't fire me for that because I never worked off the clock nor was I dishonest. He said the decision was made and that was it. According to walgreens policy, dishonesty is a violation to company policy as is sexual harassment. Here's a twist to this, I was transferred to the store I got fired from because another non minority male MGT had sexually harassed a female minor.

Right there that MGT should have gotten fired. But no he didn't, why? I get fired for dishonesty. Did I mention I'm a minority? After I got fired I was told by other employees that this MGT got transferred again for harassing another employee. He is still working for walgreens.

to AM3963 #620178

because he knows someone high up--seen it before--loss prevention protects their friends--sorry to hear your experience--get a lawyer


Had to quit working for a company that doesn't give a darn about it's own employees.Horrid upper management.

Just a totaly bad situation.Sadly it wasn't always that way.


:( I am a Pharmacist, that works for Walgreen.I recently had a severe medical condition.

Was told I had to work even with a Doctors excuse. This is the worst company I have every worked for. The couple of days I was forced to work by my district supervisor, several other store employee also got the same conditon I had.

We are a health care company?Please


Gregory watson is the worst person on the face of this earth.He took away over time, cut salaries, fired people, and took away christmas gifts.

while this is happening hes making bonuses and pocketing extra money while were fighting for hours.

He is the worst Ceo on the face of this planet.He needs to get a clue.


Frustrated wag lifer | 30 min ago | Reply

Ok.Walgreens employees have been put through many morale crushing situations over the past two years.

Let's start 1st with Walgreens ousting jeffery rein as CEO because he didn't want to fire 25 percent of his workforce, then they Collins that bad decision by promoting the max headroom's of CEO in greggy wason. This guy is clueless.

So we get past that mess, then comes rewire for growth. Ever see office space?

Here's the skinny, hire an outside consultant to evaluate your entire business model, make recommendations on what the " vision" for the future and what needs to stay and what needs to go. Tell the employees that new blood from the outside will bring new fresh ideas and get us to where we need to be. Ok, as an employee we bought it. Then the company went about hiring all this fresh new blood from the outside, while at the same time completely changing the benefits and pay structure for the rest of us.

During the time all of these new people were being hired from the outside , most regular employees have to reinterview for their jobs, you know the drill " why do you feel you are importN to Walgreens " etc. Let's look back at some of the "new" blood they hired. Jeff zavada- head of sales. Hired his buddies company to retrain the entire sales staff on a new sales method, was having a affair with his new sales lead, and then conducts himself illegally when trying to secure cook county contracts.

Hmm. New blood, new sales strategy.... Wow! Well they fired his incompetent waste of a career.

Then they hire a new CFO , you know the guy, the one that helped run Goldman sachs to bankruptcy. Well now...... Mr big shot, new blood, CFO has a second DUI within 12 months. Wow new ideas ?

New blood ( or bac over .08). Great hire greggy. That's the guy I want handling our companies finances. Now today we hear that they Are auctioning off their pbm which will cause a mass loss of jobs as well.

They have been lying to their employees about their commitment to the pbm for 5 years. Greggys last real job with Walgreens was head of the pbm, where he failed miserably to help grow the business or make any tough decisions. Probably because he smelled CEO succession.

Just know this Walgreens employees.....Greggy and his ignorance are not done and you may be next.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #175603

This comment is towards angryphramist.

If you do not want to do vaccinations then quit your job. You obviously don't want to do what is required and want don't want to do your job. let someone else work for you who wants to work.


AT AngryPharmacist as an employee for walgreens as well, it is illegal for them to make you do that and you can take legal actions against them...I studied law in college and going into law I say take them for a ride.

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